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Friday, February 25, 2005


And I opened my email to find that the website people from
(Pets to a good home is their main domain)
WILL put a LINK from my site to theirs!

OH MY DOG! Thank you, thank you.

SO what does this mean when one of those
three things reverts itself?

Exhaustion takes its toll

Yesterday I accidently threw away my current documents folder
containing over 1000 documents (created in the month of
February and not saved yet). I trashed it and emptied the trash.

Trying various methods to recover it but on Mac OS X it is
highly unlikely. All my art work (designs for our upcoming
screening for posters and ads and postcards and etc) GONE.

Last night I just stared at the computer screen wanting to cry
but just being too overwhelmed and tired. But then I obcessively
tried until 3AM to recover something. And again this morning.

I lost... just can't grasp all that is gone.
It overwhelms my brain.
The hardest thing I will have to deal with are my lost graphics.
ALL my current psd docs are gone. These are photoshop files
with the layers so you can change and replace text etc. CRAP.
And of course I have a deadline to submit an ad for the
Genesis Awards Journal.

I just need to push onward. I know each time I need to find
or work on a document from graphic to written I will look for it
then know I will have to recreate it. Okay, that sucks.

People ask me, why has this film taken so long to complete
since I do not have funding (from a production company etc)
I do most of this myself. My website looked like crap until
December when I decided to redo it, and found templates
and through trial and a lot of ERROR messages I redid it.

My flyers and postcards I designed and produced the artwork.
Press Releases I write myself (although I send it to a couple of
friends for imput, feedback and rewriting), the website,
letters asking...begging for funding, thank you cards, which I have
two I need to write and really feel today I need to get them out
because on days like this I think of Oprah and her gratitude
journaling etc. (I LOVE Oprah, so don't diss me on that one).
When crappy things happen I really feel that you need to look
for things to be grateful for. And two people donated money
and I am WAY overdue on their letters.

Okay, I am late for my temp job, which fyi I was told yesterday
is going to end sometime next week. So bad things happen in...
threes... waiting for the third shoe to drop. No wait it already did
I noticed in one of our ads they listed someone elses website.
Ours is
theirs is

I have sent two emails already begging for them to put a link
on their site. But they go unanswered.

SO the deleting thing was number three. I better go write
those letters.

I am also VERY grateful that we have SOLD twenty tickets
to the screenings already. That is GREAT!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

FGH Latest Newsletter is posted!

You can find it on our website LINKS page.

Also on that page is the LATEST news from the Animal Rescue Front!
Which is also on our FGH Animal Issues Blog (see link on right)
Animal Avengers WON in court against someone who adopted
one of their dogs and then euthanized it (against the contract to
return it if there were any problems) This is HUGE!

But it's 4 AM. My website it updated. And my newsletter is
on its way. GOD I hope I didn't forget anything!

Now I just have to type in the 100 or so new email addresses
for the newsletter, but those can wait for later in the week!

I also edited audio today and made my first WAV file and PUT it
on my website! I feel like I did something else new today
but I cannot for the life of me remember.

And now I need to let the dogs out, so I can sleep. G'nite.

I remembered! I added PayPal html for a shopping cart for
our screening, to sell Jezebelle's and FGH T-shirts! WooHoo!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Movie Screening Date Change APRIL 9th

April 9th 2005

2 and 8 PM

Tickets $25

(if purchased before March 15th $20)

Paypal on our website for credit cards
or make check payable to


PO Box 101

Venice, CA 90294

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ghetto Marketing 00ps I mean GUERILLA Marketing

Got any ideas?


Need to get a full house for our screening.

April 2nd
Raleigh Studios, Hollywood

Ghetto Marketing at its finest!

Friday, February 11, 2005

FGH Screening Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, April 2nd

Two Rough Cut Screenings
April 2, 2005

Raleigh Studios, on Melrose in Hollywood
Tickets $25 donation
(proceeds help bring film to Picture Lock and Sound Mixing)
Tickets purchased by March 15th are $20

Distribution companies who offer finishing funds permitted.

Contact to RSVP
credit cards accepted via PayPal
View Trailers
Read Synopsis
Read Bios
Volunteers needed.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Screening Announcements LA, and Cleveland!

We are planning a couple of Fundraising Screenings.

Cleveland and Los Angeles To be held in the Spring.

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering, or would like to hold
a fundraising screening in your area.

Details to follow!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Defination of the "Indie Filmmaker"

"indie filmmaker"
is defined by the following responsibilities:
a. assistant to the producer
b. producer
c. PA
d. executive producer
e. publicist
f. press release writer
g. dog walker
f. receptionist
g. accountant
h. drafter of deal memos
i. blogger
j. web designer
k. temp (for another company, in order to pay rent)
l. editor
m. plummer
n. cook, cleaner
o. friend
p. activist
q. daughter
r. sister, cousin
s. assistant to the executive producer
t. thank you note writer
u. filmmaker/creator
v. fundraiser
w. event organizer
x. writer
y. director
z. graphic artist and photographer

P.S.("We" are currently hiring for an assistant to the indie filmmaker. Inquire within. Salary includes; one FGH T-Shirt, one FGH Gourmet Chocolate Bar, one Jezebelle of your choice and size, one BagsonBoard tote, also "our" gratitude for all eternity. Oh, yeah, and screen credit.)