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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Years Resolution

This year the list is large:

Fundraise for finishing funds
  1. Letters and Follow Up
  2. Copies of Movie to funders
    • entails making copies
    • and writing and sending letters
  1. Digitize footage
  2. Find and hire editor
  3. Find and hire sound designer
  4. lock picture
  5. lock sound
    • rework music
GET AWESOME Distribution
  1. Make copies
  2. Contact distribution companies
  3. Follow up

Start on a new Project,
pitch it to HBO
Send out my short story collection,
to more than one publisher

Find Penny a Great Home.
Find Bullets Owner or a Great new home.

I have more but I cant remember them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

FGH Movie Season's Greetings Newsletter is OUT!

I would say go to our site and you can download the PDF.
However, ghetto as I am, EVERY TIME I try to load
a PDF on my website it takes a Ba-Zillion tries...WHY?
Because I have no idea what makes the PDF hit the site
and then after trying a ga-zillion different ways, something
hits and its right! BUTTTTT...then I had done so many
different things I can never remember the next time...
SOOOO soon my newsletter will be downloadable
from my site.

It holds seasons greetings. And the movies update.
Or rather the non update- update. Which was to say
that we have taken three steps backwards.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Making Sense/Cents" Recant Selling Rough Cut

It just doesn't make sense. Or rather cents.
It would cost and outlay of 1000 to make dvd's
when I still owe that to FGH vendors.

So then I would have to ask people to
reserve a copy for $5 each and I would have
to wait until I had 2000 reservations to make it
all make sense/cents. I just don't think I can get that
in enough time for this to all make sense/cents.

Then I would have to contact those 2000 people for
a balance of 25-35 dollars for the ROUGH CUT, so that
I could raise the money we need to finish the film
to distribution.

Does not make sense/cents.

Plus, I always feel I just do not want my rough cut out there...
it's unfinished. Its a ROUGH CUT. That just doesn't feel right.