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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Remembering odd things about the Fire

It is weird some days I just remember odd things about the fire or about things I am missing from the fire or it just hits me BAM like a ton of bricks that my pets are gone.

Like today I went in search of Final Draft, and I thought I had it on my computer but I think it was a demo version and I think it was on the computer that melted.

And like the other day, I was thinking I should send out some of my writing samples to some editors and work on getting something published, and then I remember, OH YEAH I would have to RETYPE in all my stories because the final thesis copies ALL perished in the fire on my Melted Computer. When I had my short fiction thesis printed (you have to have it printed in hardbound) I had a copy printed for myself. That is all I have left. And that is pretty badly scorched. So I try to read through it, but the black ends up on my hands and the smell soon becomes overwhelming. I put the book down thinking I should really just try to start typing just one story in. Then I think I should just start writing something else. Soon I am overwhelmed and I decide to just watch TV. Much easier to do.

Then this white water raft ride down my stream of consciousness takes me to remember the first story I ever wrote, back in the day of typewriters. I had one copy in my bag that I had meant to go make another copy of, but I had forgotten. And it was in my bag that night, that night I was mugged on the corner of my street where I lived in Brooklyn Heights, NY. I was the first stop on the A train outside of New York City. It was a safe neighborhood and I was walking home with my friend, who was mugged with me. I lost that only copy of the only story I had ever written. It seems to be a theme in my life. Backing up ONLY works if the back-up is left in a place different than the original!! Minor detail that I doubt ANYONE (even me today) does.

Then last night I was talking about Alaska, and remembering my trip there. I remember a great photo I took with one of those disposable pararama cameras and I go in search of it, forgetting that all my photo albums and photos are in a stack in a plastic tote because all the albums (not the pictures) were so scorched that I had to toss them. (Well some of the photos were completely lost and some pretty badly burned, but 95% are in great shape.)

I had 21 photo albums really good 3-ring binders with great hard pages (not like those floppy plastic pages). The whole tote smells like charcoal. Then I start touching the pages and soon my hands are covered in it. I think I really need to scan these, I really need to get more albums...then I think... at about 20 dollars each thats $400, don't have that. Okay nevermind. I wash my hands of the charcoal and change my clothes, everything gets that black stuff on it. You cannot throw everything out, like my dictionary all the edges of the book are smudged in black. So when you look up a word, afterwards you have to wash your hands. But The Book is in Tact, how can I throw out a book when I cannot afford to replace it when its perfectly useable. I used to look up words all the time, and now... I use the internet more... although it seems different somehow...

But then everything is different now. Isn't it.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Notes for Ed Boks


Nice to see you are working toward a better future. Back when they were taking applications for your job, I applied. And with my app I sent a list of goals. Here are some of the ideas that you might be interested in, and possibly incorporating into your work...

To implement a city wide free spay neuter day by Los Angeles area vets.
a. This program will be implemented by asking volunteers to do a door to door and letter writing campaign to entice vets into the program.
b. To announce the program via Press Release and Radio Public Service Announcements, thereby creating a positive PR campaign for Mayor showing action toward a No/Low Kill city.

To create a volunteer grant-writing task force to acquire the funding to pay for, install and train employees on a PETARK kiosk system which would allow the timely updating the Animal Services website. Thereby having more accurate and up to date information about lost animals, animals for adoption and animals to be adopted by rescue personnel. This would increase the opportunity for all the pets to be adopted.
Or at the very least ask for volunteer photographers to take images of the animals, I am certain local photographers would be willing to donate one day a month.

To ask local animal behaviorist to volunteer one day a month to “temperament” test adoptable pets.

Implement volunteers to strengthen the task force for busting backyard breeders. Allow volunteers to pose as potential buyers to get evidence on litters , breeders, and locations.

To implement a volunteer program to research the best shelters in the nation for productivity, revenue, and low kill and fit those models into a model Los Angeles can most effectively use.

To implement the following strategies for effective and turn-around PR campaign about the city Shelters and LA. Television and radio public service announcement campaign for:
a. “Spay/Neuter” campaign; including the free vet spay/neuter day.
b. “Adopt don’t Buy” campaign for encouraging potential pet owners to look to rescues or shelters for pets rather than breeders.
c. “Project Bottle Feeding” get schools and families to assist in bottle feeding unweaned kittens and puppies, rather than having them breed a family pet for a “family project” or educational purposes.
d. “Backyard dangers” implement a PSA program for warning people about the many dangers of leaving pets in their yards from injuries to theft.

To further the training for Shelter Employees and implement a rewards program for Animal Services employees who successfully and appropriately adopt out the most pets. Rewards can include obtaining donated gift certificates from various LA stores.

Substantially upgrade standards and procedures, including grievances, for accountability for all Animal Services and rescue personnel.

To bring in under budget the building of a new shelter by creating another grant-writing task force for materials to be donated from places such as Home Depot, Lowe’s etc. To work in partnership with such a company would bring great PR for expediting the building of the new shelter.

Good luck Ed!