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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Save a Date Dec 8,9, 10 Save THREE

FGH is having a fundraiser.

A 3-Day Sale at the TeddyEddies shop in Beverly Hills.

They make dog clothing. Fabulous stuff. And we
are going to have other pet items for sale.

The Hope is to raise enough to buy the deck we
need to finish the film.

We will send out a newsletter (you can sign up for it on the
front page of our website, fghmovie.com)

I don't have enough money to do a Cmas newsletter like
we did the last couple of years. As I am not working.

But I hope that the funds raised will pay for some
of our outstanding FGH debts. Like we did a screening
about a year ago and I still have not had the funds to
pay the screening room bill.

It's weird in the animal community I can raise money for
a sickly animal... but not a film that could help them all.


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