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Monday, August 21, 2006

My friends Short

Check it out... its hysterical...

“The Big Buck$”
Director/Writer: Michael Mandaville

Starring: Michael Mandaville, Curt Willoughby,
Blake Springer, Claudia Blair, Catherine Buell and Tykeisha Thomas


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moved Site

From FREEtoaGoodHomeMOVIE.com to FGHmovie.com
not sure if I did it all correctly...

from VERIO.com
to GoDaddy.com

and two sick puppies

Pic here
Clemintine and Spike
Parvo and kennel cough

Pic here

UM okay... so something in the switch is not working on myblog all my pics disappeared...
okay still working on it...when you have no idea what youre doing...
well... it shows

from time to time...

OH and I might be evicted... so this month... lost my job... got inspected twice by the landlord...
had one puppy die from parvo and one with it surviving... and one with kennel cough...
had to move my own dog to my friends house

and I just discovered that my landlord (the owner not the management co) lives behind me and is spying on me... apparently they took pictures.. ouuuuu... im so scared... um yeah ... no pissed off more like it...
stupid owner doesnt she know i can sue her in small claims court for invasion of privacy...

this sucks

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mass Exodus of Animal Rescuers from Los Angeles, CA

This is SPIKE 1 1/2 yr terrier 10lbs

Emailed this out today:

We pulled a bunch of dogs and puppies from
Downey last week, they were all in the same cages.
we=(Sherri from Sparky and the gang and Judy indie rescuer)

The puppy I have, at my house,
stopped eating two days ago after we gave it dewormer...
it had a TON of worms. We took it into the vet asap -
it ALSO has
slightly high kidney levels and low blood count on Red Cells.
The prognosis is grim... mostly because of all the other factors kidney and blood count,
however.,.. Sherri had a parvo puppy, also pulled from Downey a month ago
that pulled through very well from PARVO like it is a weak Parvo strain...
So there is some hope...

But the news gets worse...

Not only are all the cell mates from the shelter exposed but my three personal dogs as well.
because the terrier cell mate is a fence jumper, climber and escape artist
he was found three times lying on my bed making himself at home...
They had a great run in my side yard but Spike the Terrier is a people dog...lap dog
HE is one or two years old and he did
not eat this morning so I am going to take him
in to be tested for PARVO as soon as I finish writing this...

And to add insult to injury the first of this month
I lost one of my three jobs that pays half my monthly salary...
so I am basically screwed ... (an unexpected hiatus as entertainment jobs tend to do)

Then to add more crap Monday I received a 3-day EVICTION notice because of my limit of dogs...
by Monday late afternoon I received another inspection notice so my landlords are
coming to inspect my place this FRIDAY...8-11-06

the puppy and terrier will be at the vets office being treated...and my friend is
taking one of my personal dogs for a couple of weeks with the hope to keep
my landlord off my back (two dog limit)

Oh and my one eye Peke is being picked up tomorrow from the vet's so I will bring
him home to what PARVO LAND! And hide is 6 lbs little self from the evil eyes
of the landlord!

But I need HELP.

The puppy and terrier need DONATIONS for their treatment.
They are at:

Affordable Animal Clinic, Torrance, CA
ask ONLY for

VITA needs your name, phone, address and EMAIL

or MAIL check donations to me at:

Affordable Animal Clinic
c/o PO BOX 100
Harbor City, CA 90710

Please include your name, address and email!

I have no idea what the current bill is: they are still calculating
it was blood work, parvo test and treatment for two days.

Thank you, thank you so very much...

(I am about five seconds from quitting... packing it all up,

forget about finishing the movie
and moving to Alaska...

This is Clementine the Shep pup 2 months old.

the animal rescue movie
One girl tries to change the world,
One dog at a time.

Check out my rescued pets

How Many Rescuers Does it take to Rescue One Dog?

Written by Sherri Stankewitz, Sparky and the Gang Animal Rescue

Hello it's me Sherri

#1 How many people does it take to rescue one dog?????

#2. What can you do while you wait??????

This week one of the million emails we all get. A
emergency plea for and older deformed front leg poodle
came across my email.

Chela who volunteers at the shelter and keeps busy
grooming, walking and everything else she can do to
save lives. Saw this little angel getting pulled to be
euthanized. She saves her in hopes of someone coming
very soon to her rescue.

Hmmmmm. Should I open the email? NO YES NO YES OK

Poor little thing has had a deformed leg since birth.
Who has taken care of this little angel all her life?
She is dumped like trash in very busy city shelter
with no chance of a person coming to save her.

Yahooo I open my email and a Rescue group will save
her in the nick of time.

Alex from Noah's Bark steps up.

OK I will offer to be a transporter on Saturday to
Noah's Ark.

I just wanted for once in 7 years MAYBE to plant some
flowers in my yard. This should not take very long.
I will get there early and be back in time to Plant!

What seemed very easy good sameratin deed became a
3.5 hour fiasco.

The details are very long. But here it goes:

I arrive

First they say she is not available she is on "senior

"WHAT! I have never heard of such a thing".

OHHH maybe they are holding for Chela who saved her
for 24 grace period. I will call her to release her to
Then I can will be on my way to deliver, then plant! I
am getting very excited.

I am waiting at the front door. I REALLY don't want to
even walk around the shelter. I'll TRY to stay put.

I know ME I could leave with 8 dogs which is not bad
but can be very very over whelming and I am not ready.

I strike up a conversation with a nice women who is
looking for a dog. She finds a Terrier like all the
dogs in the shelter.

Did you know we only have 5 Differant breeds of dogs
in Los Angles area?

And the famous Terrier

Just kidding but semi true

Did you every go on Petfinder and look up Terrier. You
will get about 5,000 of them.

Her choice is a little shy and extremly scared. I tell
her WOW he really looks like a Boarder Terrier. She
looks on the chart on the back wall and gets very
She asked me for some pointers about bringing him home
and getting use to him. I am pleased about our
conversation and she saved a life.

Well I am getting impatient waiting and thinking I
could be planting impatients.

OK I do the walk through I try to get the poodle. Not
looking in all the overflowing cages with 4 to 6 dogs.

I pass by a glass room. A officer is holding a puppy
the size of my hand. Oh my! I stop. SHIT.

Yes someone brought them in a box they are about 5
days old and covered with tons of fleas. I stop to
help, clean and pic all the fleas off. I am offered to
take them or they will be put to sleep that day.

I just wanted to transport today. But I cannot let
these little angles die. OK put them in a box.

I guess they will let me take the dog FINALLY!!!

I have one of the very kind volunteers offer to use
his card so I will not have to pay full price of 80.00
some dollars.
Then they say 48.00 WHAT? I thought she was on the NEW
hope Program. Rescuerse gets the dog for 5.50 before
they are euthanized giving us a break, saving a life
and making more room. This gives us a chance to spent
our money on the rehab for the dog.

So I still have to wait I'm dying thinking of getting
my hands very dirty and smelling sweet roses in few

We have about 4 people at the Shelter trying to help
me and figure this out. Ouch they could be helping
other dogs and people.

I go up to the front I cannot bear anymore sad
stories. I am staying put at the front.

A young couple come up and stand next to me. They are
crying there eyes out. SO I strike a conversation with
them. Well they did not fix there cat and it had
babies. SHOCKER.
The kitties are only 2 months old.

In my short walk to pick up the puppies I did notice
Cages and Cages full of mommies and kittens.
OH my how sad. Kitten season. Their kittens are really
not going to get home. MAYBE. NO chance

SO I talk to them calmly and tell them please go in
all the rooms and see all the Cats that need homes. Do
you really think your kittens are going to get a

They come back crying. I call my rescue cat friend and
she said she would take them. YAHOOOOO another save.
This will keep open cages for the ones already there.
Plus I informed them about the free sapy program to
get momma fixed and no more babies.

I was getting frusted, but when I saw the women and
the couple walk out very happy. I feel I made a little
differance at this place.

Ok on my way with the Old Poodle and 4 very hungry
puppies. That only took 3.30 hours.

SO The answer to questions #1

Chela putting the email out, and her counter part who
called me on the phone at the sheleter trying to help
via phone.

Cindy trying to call her connections via phone.

The volunteer who let me bail on his card. (so sorry I
forgot his name in all the ruckuss)

4 Shelter workers



Total 9 people to save one dog. Hmmmmm really crazy

OK question

1.I interecped 4 baby puppies.(which ALex said she
would take, Yahooo ALex)

If you like please send a donation to ALex at her
rescue for the angels she took today.

Noah's Ark
5710 East 7th Street #327
Long Beach , CA. 90803

2.I helped a women prepare her dog for his new home
and gave her my number if she has any questions about
the shy dog. She asked me a million questions which I
was very happy to help so the dog will stay in home
and not get returned to the sheleter.

3. Help re-dircet baby kittens to a rescue group
leaving more space for the others.

4. Help transport the Poodle

4 Things you can do to kill time at the shelter when
waiting to get just one dog.

Should I submit this to Reader digest "All IN A DAYS

I am happy!

YES I did get to plant some flowers and enjoy a Ice
tea outside with my own Gang.

Thank you I hope this made you laugh


Sparky & the Gang

This it the original plea for the poodle

This dog was almost euth today while Jane and I
were at the shelter grooming dogs! The medical staff
had signed off on the dog unbeknownst to us and she
was being taken to euth when Loren, the very nice and
caring ACT, stopped them because she had seen us
taking the dog out earlier. I put my name on the dog
but this only buys us 24 hours. Alex from Noahs has
kindly said she would take the dog if needed if we can
get someone to bail [dog is free to New Hope member]
and transport to Long Beach. Please if you can't
help, please cross-post!!

IMPOUND: A799637 Shelter phone: (213)485-0119 or

This sweet and gentle girl was born with one leg
that is longer than the other but she walks fine on
it, even runs fine. She was so skinny and trembling
with fear in her cage but once we got her out of her
cage into the sunshine and onto the grass, she happily
pranced along. We gave this pretty girl a bath and
she was a little scared but very sweet and responded
lovingly to being caressed and pet. They have her
listed as 12 years old but she seems to be much
younger with lots of life in her. Such a pretty face
and hopeful spirit, she needs a gentle owner to give
her the life she deserves. PLEASE CROSS_POST to get
this darling out!