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Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Birthday Wish. 3/11

I am sending out an email to everyone...asking ALL
to grant me One Birthday Wish.
To post our FGH flyer in One place.

Click on the pic/link to download the PDF.

Thank you!

The Documentary Doctor

My film had an exam by The Documentary Doctor.
While my film is NOT a documentary the Doctor
is still able to cure any structural and story ills.

And the diagnosis is GREAT!

We cleaned up our ending, and restructured the
end of act two!

Check out The Doc Doc's past articles on AIVF
from The Independent film and video monthly magazine.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Three Faces of Indie Films

There are three definations of the term "indie" film.

There is Studio Indie ala Miramax
There is Indie Indie ala Henry Jaglom
There is Guerilla Indie aka El Mariachi & First, Last and Deposit, & Blair Witch

(but both Blair and El went to Studio indie upon release)

Me and FREE to a Good Home?
We are in the Guerilla ala Ghetto version of Indie Filmmaker.