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Monday, February 27, 2006

FREE to a Good Home

This is WHY rescue groups
ask for a donation/adoption
fee for an animal.

This is why you NEVER, never
place a FREE to a Good Home ad!

Watch Dealing Dogs on HBO!

Frustrations in Filmmaking

So, no word on any new leads on the movie finishing front. I am going to check our PO Box on Wednesday. Hope there is good news there.

I hear this a lot "I have some distribution possibilities."

When what FGH needs to hear is:
"We have finishing funds possibilities."

I know we can get distribution if it's finished.
Getting it finished is where we need the help. Frustrations in Filmmaking is Post Production.

Even making the credits scroll is a production.
Titles. Let alone sound mixing, and editing. Shooting it is only a very small portion of filmmaking.

Our trailers show we have what it takes, we just need
to finish what we have.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Great Pet Website

Great Websites!


and for cats!


Check them out!

Another great way for rescues to get their dogs out there!!!

Look at how my guys look on their very own webpage!



Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Law On Breeding in Long Beach, CA!

This ARTICLE taken from the Haute Dog Newsletter

These photos were taken from a recent email asking people to bail this litter and the mom from the SO LA animal shelter.

CLICK here for their newsletter, website and to obtain all the CLICK HERE Links!

Long Beach to Allow Dog Breeding with Regulations

CLICK HERE (click on top to get to this link)TO E-MAIL CITY OFFICIALS

about the dog breeding issue.

The City Council of the City of Long Beach ordains as follows:
Section 1. Section 6.16.080 of the Long Beach Municipal Code is amended to read as follows:
6.16.080 Breeding prohibited.
No person, as principal, agent, employee or otherwise, shall breed any dog, cat or other animal at any place within the City, except as provided in Section 6.16.190. “Breeding” shall be deemed to have occurred upon the production of offspring, whether such offspring result from sexual activity or artificial insemination, and whether such sexual activity was intentional or the result of improper confinement.
Sec. 2. The Long Beach Municipal Code is amended by adding Section 6.16.085 as follows:
6.16.085 Unaltered cats prohibited.
No person who owns, or has in custody or control, a cat over the age of four months shall allow such cat to remain unaltered, unless the cat is certified by a licensed veterinarian as not being suitable for spaying or neutering due to health reasons.
Sec. 3. Section 6.16.190 of the Long Beach Municipal Code is amended to read as follows:
6.16.190 Restricted dog breeding and dog and cat transfer.
A. No person, as principal, agent, employee or otherwise, shall establish or maintain any dog kennel for breeding purposes, keep any dog for breeding purposes, or breed any dog which is owned, harbored or kept within the City, without first applying to and receiving a breeding permit to do so from the Department of Health and Human Services, Animal Control Division. “Breeding” shall be deemed to have occurred upon the production of a litter, whether such litter results from sexual activity or artificial insemination, and whether such sexual activity was intentional or the result of improper confinement.
B. The application for a breeding permit shall be filed by all of the owners and/or handlers of both dogs to be bred, including persons who may reside outside of the City, and shall contain such information as is requested by the City, including without limitation the following:

1. A complete description of the nature and extent of the breeding to be conducted and for which application is made, including the breed of dogs proposed to be bred;
2. The address of the location at which breeding will occur and, if different from the breeding address, the address of the location at which the litter shall be whelped;
3. The name and address of the applicant(s); and
4. A statement by the applicant(s) stating that the applicant(s) owns each of the dogs to be bred and that there are no other owners.
5. A statement by the applicant(s) stating that at least one of the litter is intended to be offered for sale.
6. Evidence that the dogs to be bred do not have the same sire or dam. 7. Evidence that the dam to be bred is at least two years old and not older than seven years old.
8. A copy of a valid certificate of health for the dam.
9. Evidence that both dogs to be bred have Electronic Animal Identification Devices implanted.
CLICK on link to read the rest.

D. Fines shall be assessed in the following amounts for Code violations committed by the same responsible person:
1. A fine not exceeding $100.00 for each initial violation;
2. A fine not exceeding $200.00 for each instance of a second violation of the same Code section within one year from the date of the first violation;
3. A fine not exceeding $500.00 for each additional violation of the same Code section within one year from the date of the first violation;
4. A fine not exceeding $1,000.00 for each violation of Municipal Code section 21.41.170 relating to illegal garage conversions;
5. A fine not exceeding $500.00 for each violation of Municipal Code section 21.51.227 relating to illegal automotive work;
6. A fine not less than $350.00 but not exceeding $700.00 for an initial violation of Municipal Code sections 6.16.080 or 6.16.190 relating to animal breeding and transfer or a fine not less than $700.00 but not exceeding $1,000.00 for each instance of subsequent violation of said Code sections.

Sec. 5. The City Clerk shall certify to the passage of this Ordinance by the City Council and cause it to be posted in three conspicuous places in the City of Long Beach, and it shall take effect on the thirty-first day after it is approved by the Mayor.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dealing Dogs


That doc last night was amazing. SO GLAD that kennel was shut down!

BRAVO to Last Chance for Animals! And "Pete"

Read all about it on HBO's website and find out dates and times.
You can probably purchase the tape or dvd of the show.

You REALLY want to see it.

SOOO many people leave their dogs in their yards. And then wonder why was it stolen? They think it went to a good home. But I would bet more often than not that it went to a guy like was on this show, and then into a University Lab.

Now here is a question... so if the guy whos kennel was shut down sold dogs that already have proven to be ILLEGAL then those University's who BOUGHT those dogs, are they not also liable? Are they not in pocession of stolen property?

Where is that part of the story?

Those Labs MUST open their doors so people who have lost their pets
can potentially find them, or possibly trace them.

Learn about STOLEN PETS here

Monday, February 20, 2006

Seattle Times Article: Pit bulls: Most dangerous of dogs or least misunderstood?

Pit bulls: Most dangerous of dogs or least understood?

Special to The Seattle Times

In early January, Sarah Smith went walking in her leafy North Seattle neighborhood. Not far from her house, she saw two of her neighbor's pit bulls running loose. Before she could do anything the dogs rushed her, attacking her small terrier. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Seattle Times Article

Smith works in a dog-friendly office that includes a pit bull. Yet despite the attack, she disagrees with those who would ban the breeds. "Pit bull" is a catch-all used to describe American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire terriers, American pit-bull terriers and any mixes involving these breeds.

"I am afraid of pit bulls now," she says, "but I see this as an owner problem."


Related Links

Pit Bull Myths
Understanding the Numbers

Grassroots Marketing?

Anyone out there with good grassroots marketing ideas?

Maybe just make downloadable flyers for the film,
normal paper size, so someone can come download, print
a flyer, post it wherever and little by little I could go around
the world, without having to snail mail.

Whadaya think?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rescuers sometimes an Animals worst Enemy

Recently there has been an email argument because some people who call themselves animal rescuers want to protest an event that is all about people who assist Animals and their rescuers.

This seems STUPID to me. So I pointed out that it is the infighting that continues to allow animals to die a needless death. Because Animal Rescuers are sometimes an Animals WORST ENEMY.

The sheer numbers alone says that Animal Rescuers if united would be stronger in numbers than the NRA (national rifle association) but instead Animal Rescuers continue to shoot themselves in the foot and stick the needle in the animals they SAY they are trying to rescue. If Animal Rescuers EVER united they would be a stronger lobby than the NRA. But NO, because Animal Rescuers CHOOSE to allow the differences to divide them, which in turn allows them to be splintered fractions of spinning wheels and voiceless voices falling on alone in a forest of voices arguing against each other. Splintered they will never have the voice they COULD have united.

They just do not get that. And the sad thing is some say it is because Animal Rescuers are predominately women, who let their emotions rule and their steadfast stubborness allows animals to continue to die.

I say in the NRA all members do not necessarily agree on all things. Automatic, licensing etc. But they don't have to. They just need to agree on one thing. Just one, tiny, itsy bitsy thing. That is all.

Animal Rescuers just do NOT GET THAT. One thing they could all agree on, to STOP the killing of domestic pets in Animal Shelters. Start there. Agree on that. Agree to disagree on the rest and the how. Then use the power of smaller groups to fix each citys pet overpopulation problem.

What would happen if there was a National Animal Rescuers lobby? And all the rescuers subscribed to put aside all the this's and that's to just do one thing. Stop the killing. Yes, the shelters would back up. Maybe if the shelters backed-up it would FORCE the citys to do some innovative thinking about how to CURB the problem.

And if the city's smaller groups said... okay here they all are... all the animals. Now what? And some citys would say we have to euthanize/kill the unadoptable pets.

Everyone LOVES Best Friends, but have you ever read the fine print? They specifically did not create a "no Kill" plan, they created a "no more homeless pets" plan. The word Pets implies a LOT. A pet is one that can get along in a family, that leaves the aggressive animals to be allowed to be euthanize. Now SOME rescuers would not agree. So then the citys can figure that out on their own.

So maybe Warren Eckstein was right when he made his grandiose statement to STOP THE KILLING in LA Animal Shelters. I was the first to say, where then would you put all those animals, some 6000 a week (or is it a month) that are euthanized in LA, where would they go, you would be warehousing them, and that is not healthy for the animals.

But I think, as I recall, he said, it would FORCE the city to do SOMETHING instead of kill. When backed into a corner, yup, you have to punt and maybe the punting would be a better solution.

So... here we are... we need a National Animal Rescuers lobby. And the focus would be one thing. Stop the killing.

So what if there was a National Law that said Animal Shelters could not kill. It could even be a memoritorium, until this craziness of the DISPOSABLE PETS we have now ceases to exist. Would we let them euthanize wounded animals, or aggressive? Let you and your city decide. Let you and your local rescue groups decide. Can you handle the inflow of all those animals. Are you just being lazy in not trying hard enough to find good homes for the animals?

I think if this were our reality the first thing that would happen was to look to the LARGEST reason for the overpopulation problem, BACK YARD BREEDERS. People who allow their pet to have puppies and kittens. From what I have read, they are the MAJORITY of the problem. Hum, how do reach them???

You pass a law and say the shelter cannot kill any more animals. And let that hit the news. And let the anchors say... this is what it means to you. Get your pet fixed. Or if you are found to have puppies or kittens you get a steep fine. Not just a slap on the wrist fine. Come on, stop playing footsy with the public. A steep until it hurts really bad fine. That is where grassroots Animal Rescuers come in...report those people. And make Animal Control Officers be a 24 hour 7 day a week Patrol like the Police. This Part Time crap is killing our pets. You call and make a report, the MIGHT get there in the next couple of days. And STOP playing FOOTSY with the public, if you break a spay neuter law those STEEP fines can pay for the ACO's.

And breeders won't like this but they are making a living off those animals. Their permits to breed should be increased significantly. THEY MUST microchip and pay a tax on each and every animal. And those who BUY those animals should NEVER be allowed to breed them. Period. Whoops they have a REALLY POWERFUL LOBBY. BUT WHO could STOP THEM???? A National Animal Rescuers Lobby. Maybe then, the AKC and UKC will take stock of their members and for the sake of bloodlines, supplement those TRULY reputable breeders.

So then, where will all the mutts go? Will mutts go away? Will we be left with a land of purebred this and that. Yeah, right. Like this will all happen overnight. When people become responsible again lift the memortorium.

And if Joe Blow says we are infringing on his rights to have a pet, LET HIM EUTHANIZE ALL the animals needed to be euthanized to keep our over population problem in check. Joe Blow is letting the City do all the dirty work. And it has to stop.

But it cannot stop until all the Animal Rescuers stop the infighting long enough to be one voice for one moment in time.

Friday, February 17, 2006


LBN-COMMENTARY By ERMA BOMBECK WHEN SHE KNEW SHE WAS DYING OF CANCER: I would have talked less and listened more. I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded. I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather in my youth. I would never have insisted that the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased. There would have been more "I love you's". ...But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute... look at it and really see it... live it... and never give it back. Stop sweating the small stuff. Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what. Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us. Let's think about what God HAS blessed us with. And what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. Life is too short to let it pass you by. We only have one shot at this and then it is gone. I hope you all have a blessed day." (Erma Bombeck died April 22nd, 1996.)

Copied from the LBN E-Lert Breaking News online newsletter. Click here to get yours.


tell them Judy sent you!

WHO READS THE LBN E-LERT: Key executives at Viacom along with approximately 120,000 "influencers" in all 50 states and 22 foreign countries.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Adopt Me Flyers

Best Friends has a great web page to help you make
ADOPT ME flyers
Or Lost dog flyers.

Try it here Best Friends Flyer Maker

If you can put the flyers of my rescued dogs up
please let me know and I will email them to you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be My Valentines?

Bullet (hit by a car NOV 30th suffered from broken jaw)
healed and looking for his Valentines!

Penny the Pinned Pit Puppy
Hit by a car in April suffered from two broken
FRONT legs. Healed and looking for her Valentines!

Shep aka Nelson found wandering the
very same busy four lane street where Bullet was hit by a car.
He is looking for his special Valentines!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Virginia was right.
"a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is going to write."

That, I dare say, extends to any art.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thinking I am Talking to the Wall

While the clicker shows I have visitors.
Not many leave messages.

) ;

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Really great Article in The New Yorker

Really great article!

"Troublemakers - The Problem with Profiling" by Malcolm Gladwell


read it,
there are portions of it that should be mailed or dropped off at every home with a dog. or made to read it when buying a license... or BUYING a dog at a store... at some point of purchase of something canine... put it IN the bag of dog food... offer a huge coupon (like a weeks worth of dog food) if it is read and signed and mailed in...

When these kids are attacked, are the dogs owners being arrested for murder or assault?
Shouldn't they be?

Hanging Dog Update

I ran into the guy who owns/ is guardian to the dog who was hanging by its paw on a fence, see previous post "Hanging Dog" he gave me an update on his dog. Today the dog is doing really well. The day after the hanging the dogs foot blew up to the size of a large mans fist. He has since fixed the fence and made it higher. Although I do not think that the dog will be jumping it anytime soon.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Note to Fledgling Filmmakers

Here is a hint: If you are trying to reach someone, call them in the early morning or later evening. IE 7am-9;30AM or 6:30-8:30 PM. Typically the receptionist is not in yet and you might getright through to who you want to talk to. Happened to me, twice.

Years ago I read something Henry Jaglom wrote about filmmaking, and I wanted to talk to him so after workI looked him up, found his site, and his office number and I dialed. And when he answered the phone, I said,Oh My GOD you're the GUY.

Amused and probably flattered he replied, Yup, I'm the Guy.

Then he asked the question.... Have you seen my films??...

HOMEWORK... I stumbled... um-no, I read this chapter in this book and decided to call,
but I made the list of movie titles your site lists and that was next on my list, I guess I didn't think you would answer the phone.

THANK GOD he laughed!

He said, really nicely, not being mean at all, and he could have been, this is HOLLYWOOD afterall, he said... Next time, remember to do your homework.

I said yeah, I think I am gunna.
He then went on to ask me about the article, he did not remember it. So we talked for a while...and he invited me to call him again. And I did, but I had DONE my homework!

SO THIS TIME, I DID my HOMEWORK... however, I did not need it, but just having done it, I was prepared. I rang up his office, he ANSWERED the PHONE!!! (Sorry can't tell you who it is)

We spoke for a moment, just wanted to touch base.

He said, good, (and then something to the effect of) let's talk next week.


Sounded like a really nice guy. I'm crossing my fingers.

This whole deal has been happening in and around the chaos that is my life... tragedy...(scroll down to catch up) and...will I make rent this month???? job...and keep pushing forward on FREE TO A GOOD HOME the movie!!!!!! then there is...
Juggling rescue dogs...
I have BULLET (hit by car, iso of owner/guardian)

I have Shep aka Nelson or Booger (can't decide on a name)

and I STILL HAVE PENNY the Pinned Pit Puppy,
also hit by a car but much more severly,
two FRONT broken legs
you can see her info on the FGHsite,
click on the animalsrescued link.
Or DUH...
here I can link you.
Or here on
Bullet and Shep should all be up there.

ALL DONATIONS are welcome!
For the animals, for the movie...

Ya know... on the donations front, let me say there is this one young woman who, every couple of months sends FGH a donation through PayPal

And I know how amazing that donation is, I am strugging just like she is struggling. And yet she offers some of her HARD EARNED money to me to help me finish this film, and it ALWAYS comes in the nick of time.

Currently, I am struggling STILL with last years FGH Bills. Funds that I thought were coming, did not come through.
Screening Bills, and Newsletter Bills, and Marketing Bills (our Postcards)

And someone helps so I can buy supplies to send out fundraising letters or DVD's of the rough cut in the hopes to either finish the film or get funding so that I CAN finish the film... it just makes the rough times a little less rough around the edges.

So thank you!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shep needs home.

He is a big boy. Note my 4Runner in the top pic.
Cute white tip on this tail. And Beautiful Blue Right Eye (on our left)

Oh and look at those Sonic Boom Ears!

Bullet Update

Bullet is eating well, finally, I think his broken jaw is healing or healed.
Now, if we cannot find his owner, we need to find him a foster or forever home.

He was a very chipper, happy boy when I went to see him today.
He sits on command. He is a good boy.

Here is a couple of really bad pics I took with a 99cent store camera
and processing to a CD.