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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cyber Begging - SaveKaryn.com

Did you see the 20/20 show last night?
it was about debt. and there was a segment
on this woman, Karyn. She created a
website savekaryn.com. because
she had bills and she begged people to donate
so she could pay off her debt.

They did. She did. Now it is being made into a movie.

Now. Hummmm.
They seemed to think this was original idea...

So how long have I had this site up? begging
people to donate so I can finish my film.

We so VERY close to buying a deck. If you received
our Cmas Newsletter (there is the online version and
the version I snail mailed) we have been trying to
buy this deck forEVER.

We are very very close.

Our current needs are:

DV Deck $1500
Senior Editor for a day $350 (we need a few weeks)
dv deck $1500
postcards $500
dv deck $1500
software $300
dv deck $1500
hardware $150
dv deck $1500
screening room A $250
dv deck $1500
screening room B $250
dv deck $1500
editor for a day $350 (times 21 days)
misc supplies $100

So feel free to earmark a donation for any item.
We have a paypal donation button on our website.

um... did I mention a DV DECK???

Oh and I owe my lead actress like $400
for paying off our last postcard order.

Oh did I mention. Animal Wellness is printing an
article about the making of FGH in their April/May issue
it will be on stands March 15th so BUY IT!


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