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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just Read Something Grand

I stole my title from a childrens book...

Billy Brown Make's Something Grand...

back to regular programing...

Just read this great newsletter I want to tell you about
and then it lead to ML's upcoming book... which sounds
like it could be in the vein of another book I LOVE called
The Tipping Point! And link for Tipping Point Click here

Now ML has a new book out or nearly out called

Broken Windows here is an article Click

Here is the newsletter... we need more like these newsletter...
I did get one great newsletter that published the entire book
in the newsletter... which was about filmmaking or some part
of it...

Great newsletter... check it out... Dang no link to the specific
newsletter... bummer...

here is the link to get the newsletter...

GuerrillaPR.net once you get the newsletter
you can access the past ones... this one is called

Special Edition-Money Making Lies "They" Don't Want You To Know About

dated Oct 19th 2005

Get it... read it... use the links...

and now I am going to have to get ML's book
Broken Window...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Help Animals

Los Angeles made room for Katrina animals, now we need YOU the public to make room for Los Angeles animals! Download this PDF and POST it at your place of business, favorite coffee house, or grocery store! Let's help LA Shelter Animals and get the word out! Download this flyer click here.

if anyone can tell me how do i load this pdf up here... i cannot remember... DAMN IT! I did it before...argh

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Website Update Animals Rescued Page

I updated my movie website. And created an animals rescued page,
along with buying that domain.

I still feel like this projects completion is slipping through my fingers.
I still OWE 1000 to my vendors for the screenings.
If I had 1800 I could buy a DV Deck and then at least be able
to recapture the media I lost last year when my hard drive crashed.

I even have a volunteer (possibly two) who could help with that.

But NO forward movement can happen without the deck.
I am STUCK in Stuckville.

Check out our available pets.

oops the LINK wont work for a couple of days. but you can get
to our animals rescued page at

click on the Animals Rescued Link.