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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have no idea what to title this today

I need to find a foster or forever home for the Large German Shep Puppy 1 yr old, and about to be neutered.
He has One Blue Eye.

He is very close to a pure breed. a likeness pic is on 1800saveapet.com

His name on there is BIG SHY GUY.

(He is the size of the lying down Shep and has the TAN Mask of the
other Shep pic

He cannot be placed with cats. And is not housebroken. Did ok in the crate alone, but pit rescue dog instigated his breaking out of it. I think he was a yard dog. However, he is so tall and jumps over everything that He Could (along with Penny) jump something 6-8 feet easily.

I desperately need help with this one.

He and Penny (my pit rescue) broke out (bathroom and cage) on three occassions, the last I came home to find my Cat, Shane, dead. So I boarded Shep until I can find him something. I just cannot deal with him right now. I can barely deal with seeing Penny, although I had her since June, and while with me she was and would always be crated because I just did not trust her with my cat, not to mention that she is also one... and the two go on a chewing rampage, a new case of toilet paper, papertowels, sheets blankets... CD's etc...

And I almost feel like I want to rehome all my dogs. Even the two
that are Mine. I doubt I will, but I know dogs, in a frenzy, what they can do... All my cats have always been fine with dogs. And more importantly VISA VERSA

It is just the not knowing what happened. While my cat was not
torn up, I know there could have been internal damage etc.

(One "rescuer" even had the audacity to email me after my email plea went out to remark that dogs do not usually "tear" cats up that they are shaken to death, a visual I of course knew about but did not need reminding of...(that "rescuer" in my opinion, complete evil, worthless life their living if that is how thoughtless they are to another suffering human being...kick a person when they are down... hell I cannot even afford the cremation bill) it just has never been my experience ALL the cats I have seen or heard about with friends up to now have been ripped up.... It is still my guilt and just all the "what if's" and my imagination of "What might have happened"

AND I have GONE on WAY too long, I apologize.

I desperately need to find a home for Shep.

Did I mention that Penny and Shep can be adopted together,
they made great friends.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Guilt is overwhelming

I opened my index page of my website.
I have to change it.

IT is NOT an Urban Legend

During the making of the film
Director, Judy Crozier lost her
home and five pets to a fire while
she was out filming. Only ONE
Blue Eye and One Green Eye, just
like her lead actress, and while
almost everything was destroyed,
the film somehow surviced. And
there is more....

Now I have to write the MORE there is...

The fire happened on December 8th 2001

LAST WEDNESDAY January 25th 2006

the sole surviving cat, SHANE, died or was killed,
because of a rescue dog, Judy had recently taken in.
Shane, the female cat named for the movie
which was set in Crozier's beloved Wyoming,
had over the six years living with Judy
put up with countless rescue dogs and cats
puppies and kittens...

The dog, a German Shepherd Puppy of 1 yr,
shared a trait with the much loved cat,
The trait they shared, One Blue Eye.

He is currently being boarded while Judy
continues to find him a home.

For info about Shane click on Blog titled
"cant take much more"
and "more"

Friday, January 27, 2006


A few days ago I promised to post Bosco's Pic and letter from his beloved dad. Then life happened. I have a current pic HERE

and the PIC when I found him. BELOW.

Here is what he wrote:

Bosco died saturday of multiple brain lesions and lymphoma. He rallied for a little while with chemo than took a turn for the worse after Christmas. My wife and I are devastated. Simply put, he was my only friend. i have attached a letter I intend to circulate to as many people as I can.

And here is his beautiful letter:


If you have ever considered adopting a pet;

I adopted Bosco after walking him for 2 weeks at the shelter he was boarded at. A kind and generous activist had found him and brought him in for care. He clearly had had a tough time and probably a traumatic earlier life. His ears were bitten, his snout was a network of scars and his teeth showed the wear patterns of a dog used for fighting. Despite the warning sign posted on the door to his pen, I was drawn to him immediately. He had the battle scarred nobility and weighted gaze of an old time boxer; with a thousand stories to tell and a heart the size of a mountain. The truth is I have always had a soft spot for America’s unofficial mascot; the vastly misunderstood Pit-bull terrier.

Pit bulls are responsible for less than 1% of all dog bites that occur in the United States, Regardless they are consistently demonized by the media and an ignorant general public. Despite his previous life of neglect and abuse Bosco like most dogs never lost his trust and love of people. Over the next 10 months he would make an amazing comeback. It seemed, being once deprived he was experiencing being a puppy for the first time. Both of our hearts grew strong with love and friendship.

In April of last year my wife and I discovered she had contracted a rare form of cancer. The news came exactly one week after our wedding day. Throughout the brutal treatment regimen she was bed ridden most of the time. From the day we came home from the hospital to the day 6 months later when she finished treatment Bosco never left her side. After being let down by countless friends and family members I realized Bosco was the only one I could trust to watch over and comfort my wife through this difficult period.

Bosco died almost immediately following my wife’s full recovery. Strangely, he died of cancer. My suggestion to those of you looking to the heavens and locked in prayer for relief from life’s difficulties; There are hundreds of angels waiting to help and love you just down the street at your local animal shelter.

Don’t wait…


Penny had previously so broken her crate... that it was unusable.
So she and Schlimie were in the bathroom. And Homer in the
Kitchen. The Shep was crated and I think Penny had a hand
in breaking him out. They had broken out three times before,
and Penny has lived with the cat since June... While I wouldnt
trust her with a cat it is more because she is a puppy looking to
play than anything... which is what I think the Shep wanted...
it looks like she had a heartattack.. Some evil woman
wrote to say dogs dont tear up cats... they shake them to death,
lovely visual, however I doubt this was the case because Shane
was VERY FAT. Not shake material. And Shane was dog wise
She was 6-7 yrs old. With dogs and rescues her whole life.

And from my experience with friends dogs and cats... they do
tear them up... I have seen it...first hand... they do shake but
they also rip... Some people who call themselves rescuers
are evil..especially to people...

This Shep just threw my dog whatever into unbalanced...
The whole pack thing Maybe...

And Shane was never very healthy...being so fat... and it was not
becaue I fed her a ton...but how she took it in biologically. I had
given her a blood test recently, and because of it they put her
on anti biotics... never any big flags in blood work... just a feeling
with me.

It just sucks. So the Shep is being boarded. I have to find him
someplace asap.

And maybe not so oddly... I just dont know how I feel about my
dogs... Homer and Schlimie I have had for years. well since
after the fire. 2001. But I am having a hard time wanting to hug
them and touch them... which feels odd to me.

I think I am going to post this on my blog. Which I have been
trying to keep up with. trying to finish this film...

I feel like crap... The guilt is overwhelming.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

cant take much more

I came home tonight to find all my dogs (4) loose from their crates


my cat Shane
(who surivived the fire)

The crates are all broken. My house looks like it was ransacked

not sure what happened
the cat was NOT torn up
so it could have been a heart attack....

she f#*&ing survived a fire to die like this...
she deserved better....

Friday, January 20, 2006

Dog Hanging

My cousin says they gravitate toward me because I am a rescuer...Yeah whatever... still the image of her eyes and her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her body limp hanging...

It was almost 7AM and my dog Homer scratched to be let out. He bombed out with Schlimie and Penny. Then I put Homer and Schlimie into the bathroom or kitchen and let out the German Shep (1yr old unneutered male) just found on the alley. I let Shep out with Penny (both one and hyper) They SPRING out the door and seconds later I heard the dog in the next yard yelp, run and I hear jingling, I wonder if the dog is chained. I saw the day before they continued the wood fence to close the yard in. Then I hear it. The dog jumps excited because my guys are running like the mad crazy dogs they are...and then the Yelping, Screaming, Crying...
I have heard this sound before. It is like When Rabbits Howl, the worst sound, more searing than nails on a chalk board.

I hurry my guys into the house, lock them up. I think, F%*#&#, has the dog hung itself by its collar? The crying stops. I think again F&#*#$&*#($, oh my GOD it is hanging I know it is hanging, I run to the front of the house to see if my neighbors truck is still there. It is gone. SHHHHHEEEETTTTT. The dog cries again, yelps, screams, howls and then... nothing, silence.

Passed out. Or dead. Oh NO. NO! I run outside to the yard two behind mine, OH MY GOD. The dogs FOOT is stuck between TWO of the wood fence pieces. The dog is hanging in silence, passed out. I shout, NO! I touch the foot. The dog wakes and cries again. I Scream HELP! Help me. I pound on the guys door who the dog belongs to. Nothing, then I run to house in front where Patrick, his wife and their new baby live with the elder dog of the yards, Bailey. I pound on the door, Help HELP! Help me. Oh my GOD the DOG is hanging. Help!

Patricks wife comes out in her robe, (I am sorry I cannot remember her name) she calls to her husband get the baby. (not like bring the baby but secure the baby) She and I run back to the fence. She sees and screams Patrick get out here. He runs, she yells go around, go around she is hanging by her foot. It's stuck. He runs around the back of the house and enters the yard he grabs the dog, who is hanging more than a foot FROM the ground. Hanging by her paw wedged in-between two wood slats of a wood fence. When he lifts her, the dog bites him in the neck, just a hair from his artery.

The dog is heavy (and overweight Weimaraner) and he cannot lift her high enough. His wife and I are pushing the wood to make room to loosen the foot. Nothing. He Screams, she's biting me. His wife and I scream and PUSH the wood, finally it snaps, the dog is freed and Patrick and the dog stumble back. The dog limps to the farthest corner of the yard and lies down... lies down, with a worried look. The foot does not seem that bad.

It is two days later, I do not know how the dog is, no one as told me. My neighbors called her owner and he came home from work. She was going to get xrays.

But that image of her limp body her opened eyes and her tongue hanging from her unconscious mouth... all I could see through the slats in the wood fence. Seeing the foot and still not knowing if it was hanging just by the collar. When I go to sleep at night, I see her face, that tongue, through that tiny space between wood on the wood fence... and then I see her paw, white and cold. Then I shake the thought from my head and try to go to sleep. She's okay.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Velociraptor Penny

My rescue dog Penny, click here for her happy-go-lucky face,
has turned into
Velociraptor Penny.
Three times now she has escaped from her crate...
and I think she is learning from each escape...
how to do it better and better, and FRANKLY
I think she is helping my other rescue, a FOUND DOG
(german shep 1yr old) also ESCAPE.

Which makes her...
Velociraptor Penny!

The other day I found Penny and the FOUND SHEPHERD
LOOSE, FREE, UNencumbered by crates or lifes litte rules...
in my house. Eating my CD's and my slippers and after
having gone through the garbage... and tossing that about,
they thought the way the CD's fly so NIFITILY through the air
was the grandest thing...

Oh and the Yr Old German Shep... whose Owner I am in search of...
is UNNEUTERED... and he MARKED my entire HOUSE....

There is not enough Natures Miracle in the world to clean what
he has so thoroughly marked.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wanting to Quit

Stopped at home to check on the critters...
Penny (the Pinned Pit Puppy) broke out of her crate
....AGAIN... along with the recent rescue
a LARGE 1 yr old UNNEUTERED male German Shepherd
(thinks he's a puppy)... oh did I mention HUGE DOG.
He broke out of his crate... AGAIN... and AGAIN
peed all over my house. And ATE stuff... this
time... some MOVIE stuff... (REALLY NOT GOOD)
Some CDs that I have back-up stuff on...

REALLY want to quit...

I would buy much stronger crates but I just cannot afford it.
And Homer and Schlimie... are in the kitchen... and they are
getting into stuff... (They are four yrs old and feeling left out of the
fun... the fun of ripping up my stuff).

Pennys nose and face is all scratched up from breaking out
of the crate...

Not only did they eat some of my back-up cd's.... they broke
the garbage can... and that too is all over the house...

so my house is currently full of PEE... GARBAGE and broken
CD's... (not to mention the slipper they ate... and various other
stuff that I cannot quite distinguish...
oh yeah... and one of them ate a new box of Cmas cards
I bought (for next year)...SO if you get a Cmas card from me
next year and its a bit rumpled and toothy... its from me...
Penny and this German Shepherd...

I really feel like quiting... can't really afford to do that though...
is crawling under a rock an option? can't even afford that...

And Homer and Schlimie... all they are doing is ripping my bed
and blankets apart... I have anarchy ... a mutany... a riot
I think the human government is being overthrown... its
a dog damned coup d'

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Bosco was limping across PICO Blvd, a VERY busy 4-lane street. I was on the clock finishing an errand. I did my usual, honked my horn, flashed my lights, turned my car into oncoming traffic, forcing them to slow down or hit me as I did a HUGE u-turn around the limping dog, so that he could get safely to the other side.

Strangers help me corral him and lift him into my truck. He was an emaciated Bull breed. American Bull Dog, Pit mix, sumptin’ sumptin’ mixed with sumptin’ else. Missing most of his teeth on one side of his mouth he panted hard on that HOT LA day.

I lived at The Beach House on the Venice Boardwalk and they did not allow dogs (even though I was hiding one). Even if they did I could just tell, my cat that had just survived my fire would not stand a chance. So I left him in my truck, in my garage, for the night. The next morning I went to walk him but found he didn’t wait for his walk. He had eaten an ENTIRE bag of CAT food I had forgotten AND the rescue food I kept under my seat. Canned and wet pouch food used to help capture fearful strays. Bosco had pooped all over the car. I mean ALL over the car! And this wasn’t the easy to clean kind of poop. I had to use garbage bags over the seat to drive it to get it detailed. One GALLON of Nature Miracle and 300 dollars later, it still had an ode’to-dog-kennel scent.

I called a new friend who had been interested in helping me complete my film; she suggested and helped me board him at her vet in Beverly Hills where a prominent LA rescue group also boarded their rescues. (She paid the nearly $2000 boarding fee for the six months he was boarded.)

Bosco was so glad to be off the streets and with people he would wag and wag and WAG his tail so hard that the tip was constantly bloody from hitting the chain link in his kennel. With the tip of his tail bandaged, I took Bosco every Saturday and Sunday to the AdoptAChowLA.com Adoption Event at the Centinela Feed Store in West LA.

During the week a select few of the vets rescue group dog walkers were qualified enough (strong enough) to walk Bosco. Bosco did not care for other dogs, cats, or anything with fur.

In six months of taking him to adoption Bosco never had even one application. Then I heard from the rescue coordinator at the vet’s office one of their (his) dog walkers was interested in adopting him! She gave me the thumbs up and HIGHLY recommended him and the application was purely a formality. Bosco had a new HOME!

I emailed back and forth with his new dad. Checking on how the transition into the new home went. The first day he was left alone… he broke out of the crate and ate the curtains and some furniture. Oh no, my heart sank. I prepared for Bosco to be returned. But…no…his new dad did not concede. He was a keeper. Then Bosco, who had a reoccurring sore, needed it surgerically removed and then again removed after it regrew. After which Bosco was good-to-go. Go to be the best dog in the world. And he did.

And now, I read Bosco recently died. But he died a hero. You need to read the letter his Dad wrote.

I will post it here tomorrow.