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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Animal Wellness Magazine

FREE to a Good Home has made a National publication! In the April/May issue of Animal Wellness Magazine, there is an article about the making of the film!

Find a magazine in your area click on link above (they cover America and Canada!)

I would put the cover image here ... but I am still working out the bugs on where all my images went when I transfered over my website host account. ARGH!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


We finally have a DV Deck.

Next we are fundraising for the editor.
$350 a day for an editor...

Pay the editor for a day!

On March 15th I am sending out fundraiser letters
with DVD's of select scenes from the film!

Email me if you want to get one.

Why? March 15th?

Why not March 11th? my birthday???

Because on March 15th Animal Wellness Magazine
hits the stands with their April/May issue
within which we have an Article on the
Making of the Film!!!!

YIPPEEE we hit a national magazine!

Check out our site and see Editors for a Day Donor Board!

Get friends and your names will be on the website and
on the end credit so the film!