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Judy Crozier, Writer, Producer, Director
Creator, and Executive Producer — Judy Crozier has been rescuing animals since she was a teenager. Originally from Ohio, Judy was raised in a politically active family that consistently fought for the underdog. Canvassing and marching in parades supporting the rights of women and homosexuals, and rallying for peace, Judy learned early on to make a difference in her communities.

Judy obtained a bachelors degree in Scriptwriting and Producing from the University of Wyoming. But her education did not start nor stop there. She learned film production at New York University and editing at University of California- Los Angeles. She recently received a Masters in Screenwriting (with a double major in Short Fiction) from University of Southern California. She has subsequently produced short films and one act plays, and several of her scripts have made it to semi-finalist rounds of screenwriting competitions. FREE to a Good Home is Judy’s first feature film and marks her directorial debut.

After arriving in Los Angeles in 1997, Judy rescued her first stray dog and from that point on she learned the pitfalls of the LA Animal Rescue and Shelter system. Judy contemplated how to bring this problem to the public. She was inspired by filmmakers; Henry Jaglom, Francis Ford Coppola, and author Paul Zindel. Today, Judy’s project is a grass roots film that parallels the animal rescue community. Shot entirely on a digital medium, Judy hit up everybody she knew and didn’t know to get the film made and was lucky enough to find a lead actress, Katie Liz, who drove to Wyoming with her to shoot authentic footage to open the story. The City of Long Beach granted Judy permission to film in the old Long Beach Animal Shelter, and finding canine actors was not a problem, since they could literally be picked up from the streets.

After over three years of hard work and personal funding of this project, Judy lost almost everything to a fire that consumed her home while she was out shooting on location. While the footage survived, four of her five pets did not. Judy used this tragedy to fuel the project through. Tackling the painstaking labors of editing, post production, marketing and all that goes with completing a feature film, Judy has shown her commitment to saving the animals who perish on the streets everyday for lack of a home through her presentation of passion, FREE to a Good Home.

Katherine Norland, Lead Actor in the role of Tala Loreto. Co-Producer
Katherine Norland, a small town girl from Minnesota, took various classes in business, fitness and nutrition; but never could find her nitch. That is, until she was cast in a traveling play "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames" that passed through her home town. This propelled her to commute 80 miles each way to Minneapolis to take acting classes.

Within a year of taking classes she was cast in two industrial films for the University of St. Thomas. The films director and producer moved to LA to begin filmmaking. Katherine came to visit for a few weeks, and never left, that was in 2000. They now have formed the production company Excellent Journey Pictures, LLC. Since coming to LA, Katherine has performed in more than 40 short films, 6 features.

To further immerse herself in films Katherine recently started taking screenwriting classes. Her first short she directed "Loves Lost and Found" won the Audience Choice Award at the Shortie Challenge Film Festival in Venice, California. Her second short film she co-wrote with members of Excellent Journey Pictures and it was a finalist in the 2005, 168 Hour Film Project.

Katherine is currently co-writing a television spec pilot "Teach Me" where she will be playing a young school teacher who moonlights as a rapper. She is also in development with Excellent Journey on a film with the working title "Warriors Eve" a sci-fi thriller set to shoot in Minnesota in 2006.
Her dedication and commitment to FREE to a Good Home has proved invaluable to Judy, as she has gone way beyond the role of lead actress to become a core member of production team.

Jill Fraser, Marketing and Associate Producer
Fraser has been vice president of marketing for Internet and packaged goods companies, including the RAZCAL Corporation and, a San Francisco-based Internet start-up. She began her career working in an advertising agency.

Virgil's Root Beer, a new soft drink she launched, was the only beverage ever to win the coveted International Fancy Food Show's "Outstanding Beverage" title three times. The package design was nominated for a Hatch award.

Her press releases have been featured in the "Chicago Tribune," the "New York Times," "Bon Appetit," "Entrepreneur," the "Boston Globe," CNN, the "Boston Herald," "Vegetarian Times," and countless other periodicals. Her products have also been featured in syndicated radio shows.

Jill Fraser holds her MA from Oxford University, England and is a member of Mensa. She has also served on the boards of many animal welfare organizations and has been vice-president of the Massachusetts Specialty Food Association.


Michael Petrarca: Associate Producer
Michael Petrarca began his interest in the entertainment industry, in his home state of Rhode Island, through a personal meeting with Steven Spielberg while working on ‘Amistad’. Adding to his previously earned degrees of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, he decided to pursue a degree in acting.

Michael’s credits vary from acting, stunts, print, and production. Pursuing the life endeavor to love life through his interests, goals, and aspirations; he moved to Los Angeles in 2001.

Mr. Petrarca has sculpted his training to design, coordinate, and perform in the involvement of many productions. On the side Michael has helped with the development of Dynamite Photos as well as being the backbone of a local bicycle shop in the Hollywood area as General Manager.

In 2004 he began a career as a helicopter pilot. While working towards his Commercial Certificate in helicopters, he didn’t stop there. He currently holds a Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating as well as being a Certified Flight Instructor.

He has proved invaluable to the cast and crew of ‘FREE to a Good Home’. Choosing on the first day of shooting, to work as grip instead of playing the role in which he was cast. He went from "Boom Dude" to Associate Producer by simply stepping forth, being reliable, hardworking and willing to jump on the roof of a car for the famous "crane shot."

Michael adds: The fire that totaled Judy’s home and took the life of a few loved animals in the film, was nothing but coincidence with remarkable timing for providing the shots that are so meaningful. The resemblance of the cat that survived the fire and Katie-Liz (the lead) is no urban legend.


Nancy Sefton: Associate-Producer
A Los Angeles Native, Nancy Sefton's entertainment business career started with over ten years in Music Management, working for company's such as Vision Management. She moved on to the Lifestyles company, Healing Arts Publishing/Living Arts, (presently owned by and known as GAIAM), to join the Multi-Media Production Dept. as Production Manager and then Producer doing all facets of Production and Post Production. There she completed sixteen programs for the company including the award winning Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss.

Nancy owns her own company with partner, composer Benjamin Davis, One Tree Productions and has taken over Producing all the music for GAIAM's video/DVD programs. Within this company she also does Talant Management, and all levels of Film, Video, Commerical, and Music Production.

Her current projects include working with Norman Seeff Productions on developing The Sessions Project, a Television Show now under consideration. She is also working on a Documentary for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, as well as other commercial projects.

Shanon, Principal Actor in the role of Joey, the Shelter Manager
Shanon originates from Perth in Australia where she performed in many musicals in her early career. She came to America as a professional wrestler under the name of Sue Sexton and dedicated herself to that profession for nearly 20 years winning the world championship during that time. Shanon did several movies of a wrestling theme and gradually worked her way into an acting career and more varied projects as she stepped away from her wrestling career. She moved to Taos, New Mexico where she felt she could focus on her career of acting and writing without the distraction and stress of the “Hollywood scene.” Shanon has also been a professional psychic and healer for over 15 years and is currently shopping two screenplays and book which she has written.
Sandey Lock, Principal Actor in the role of Nadie
Sandey Lock has been a committed actress since she was very young. She has poured her soul into the craft, living her life as a true thespian. She has enjoyed acting in numerous student and independent films, major motion pictures, and television series. She never misses an opportunity to learn, mine resources, and meet fellow actors. She owns and operates a pet sitting business, making a living by caring for the creatures she loves so much. She has volunteered for the Animal Assistance League of Garden Grove and has adopted several animals and found homes for many more. She is a loyal, focused, and modern woman. Her website is As Nadie, Sandey brings who she is and her whole being to the character.

Norma Slack: Principal Actor playing the role of Dena Loreto
Norma plays Tala’s pragmatic mother with such realism because she is a native of Wyoming, as well as the great, great niece of Calamity Jane. Norma performs a one-woman show around the country and at TheWyomingTerritorialPrison, about the oral history of her family’s infamous roots. She and Judy Crozier met at The University of Wyoming and have worked together on several projects since. Norma has traveled coast to coast playing Calamity Jane for western shows, but she breaks out of that mold in her remarkable performance in FREE to a Good Home. She also lent a hand to production, housing Katie and Judy during their stay in Wyoming as well as loaning out the location of her own home, which served as the Wyoming set. To that end, it was also Norma's animals; pig, horses, dog, cat, rabbits and chickens that offered Katie and Judy the chance to make Katie's portrayal of a rugged Wyoming girl more realistic with footage that truly captures Wyoming and the western life. She can be contacted through

  Chris W. Hill, Editor
Born and raised in New York City, Chris graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in Film/Cinematography but learned that his passion was more for editing. He quickly landed a staff position editing for Showtime Networks and later went on to freelance for them, as well as Oxygen for three years. Chris recently moved to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2003 to continue his editing career and has since been contracted to edit three feature films. FREE to a Good Home will be his feature film editing debut. His website is

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