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Friday, April 06, 2007

British Columbia SPCA is suing a rescue!

British Columbia SPCA is suing a rescue, Animal Advocates!

>>Animal Advocates Society has been critical of the BC SPCA's policies and actions as far back as we have been able to document (starting in the 1950s) which reveal by a pattern in their consistency that the SPCA did not do real animal welfare as it professed. Instead, it was the pet disposal agency for British Columbia. To that end, it took in hundreds of thousands of animals, and killed many of them, even if they were healthy. For trying to change that, we are being sued. The trial has been set for September 2007.<<



I stumbled across this last night... I know when that recent article came out in the LA Times where the SPCA LA quoted that they in Long Beach had a 90% adoption rate... that is just point blank WRONG, skewing the numbers to say that...

Here is what I wrote....

>>The SPCA does NOT have a 90% adoption rate.
That percent is SKEWED by the FACT that
they are NOT counting (for instance in Long Beach)
the SHELTER side of the shelter.

They pick and choose which animals they take over
to the SPCA side, where they live until adopted. So
of course that statistic will be high. But it is FAR from
real. What is happening in Long Beach is just grossly
misleading the public that the SPCA is doing well
and bringing down the numbers.<<

Is the SPCA LA going to sue me???

Furthermore, when the public hears that.. what do they hear???
They hear that if i dump my pet there it has a 90% chance of being adopted!

WHen in fact it most likely has a 90% chance of being "KILLED".

And while we are on the term "Kill"
I understand that Ed Boks wants to use the word "Euthanasia"
I would think, and it sounded to me... for the benefit of his employees who
have to do the killing. Who would do the job if one of the questions on the
job application was... is it okay with you if we "killed" animals???

So I understand the way he sees it. As well if we were overrun with all
the animals the city and county kill monthly... chaos would ensue.
Therefore you could say the animals would be miserable... overcrowded in
shelters and housed for months (like the Noah's Ark animals...
ONE woman saved those animals... and some are STILL THERE)
But to "euthanize" is to put one out of pain and misery but frankly it is more
the publics pain and misery.

As well when I was interviewing ACT's they see the vast numbers coming in
and the small numbers adopted or rescued and they see in one small
aspect it might be euthanasia... because what is the alternative???
Is it cruel to leave them run on the street to get hit by a car?
die of starvation or used as bait in dog fights?

One stat said 6000 a month were being killed... That number came up
when Warren Eckstein wanted to stop the killing... but when it was asked
where would they all go... he said his house... right, 6000 a month.

LOOK it took PNINA 8 months to find placement for Noah's Ark's measly
300 animals... And which animals are left STILL... Pit mixes and Cats...

I asked Ed Boks about getting the breeders who post ads in the Recycler
he said there is a task force on that... but where is the sweep?
I would love to see one week or one month a DRASTIC reduction
in puppy and kitten sale ads in the Recycler and Penny Saver...
THEN that task force is doing something that will change the numbers
of homeless animals.

Ed, you have the volunteers who would help... pose as buyers.. maybe
off duty ACO's will all come on duty for a weekend sweep.

When we lie to the public about the numbers... they think, I can breed
or I can dump this animal...

If you do a sweep and then explain WHY... maybe... just maybe... one
family will stop breeding the family pet... one backyard breeder will
stop breeding...

But the BC SPCA suing a rescue for what seems to be... telling the truth...

Judy Crozier

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