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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Very Sad News

I am very sad to report that Alfred the parvo pup died during the night.

We tried our best but the virus took over.

Thank you all for helping to try to save this one.

Judy and Danielle

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday AM Update

He made it through the night.
The vet will be in and re-evaluate it by 10AM.
He is not hanging his head as low as he was yesterday.

That's all I have for now.

Here is how we stand on the math...

We have Todays treatment cost covered. Thank you ALL very much!
We are raising Wednesday's - we need $143.57
And we need Thursday's inpatient treatment of $200.

Just so you all know... the reason I am working so hard to
help Danielle with this Parvo pup is because she spent
$200 of her rent money to cover the Parvo treatments on the
girls... and she is tapped out.

And most of us have been there... pay my bills or save this animals
life... and I wish it wasn't like that... but until the world gets the
message that we are severely overpopulated with animals...
I do not see it stopping (or even slowing down) any time soon...

Okay I will step down from my soapbox.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Update - guarded

Just got off the phone with the vet...

Prognosis is guarded to poor... need prayers... (or whatever you choose to do). Extreme blood, and drooling, throwing up... it is pretty bad. Although the vet said he has seen others pull through that were this bad or worse... it is going to be rough going though.

He said the pup if he makes it through each night will have to be in the hospital until at least Thursday. He is continuous IV's and treatments throughout the day.

Thanks so very much everyone... for your financial assistance and your prayers.

Monday Night UPDATE not good

Alfred the surviving puppy is not doing so well, said the doctor just moments ago. We MUST pay for todays treatments before 9:30PM TONIGHT.

I need $167.72 TONIGHT...

Thank you!

Monday Afternoon UPDATE

Well, Alfred is still hanging in there. They say he has a 50/50 chance. They also said they will know more in the morning. But my favorite vet is checking on him tonight. So I will report back then.

We are still down $200 for today...
Please use the link below (in this mornings post)
to donate.


Monday Noon Update - Bad News URGENT

The vet said we have to leave the pup at the vets for treatment. That with the blood and the amount of blood and various other reasons the vet suggested that it would be best to leave the pup and have CONTINUOUS IV FLUIDS and MEDS flowing into him. (Because he is not improving and still DECLINING they want to keep him at the vets.)

So the pup is at the vets getting treatment. The vet said this would most likely have to be for the next two days - if the pup makes it.

HELP.... we need to raise the $200 a day for inpatient vet care.
PLEASE use this link to donate via ChipIn and PayPal
or to download our fax form to send your CC directly to the vet.


Thank you!

Here is the cost breakdown and what we still need to raise.

Saturdays treatment 125
Sundays treatment 125
Mondays treatment 200
Tuesdays treatment 200
TOTAL $650

so far we have raised


Which means we need to raise TODAY


I absolutely need to have TODAY $242.74

(Keep in mind that PayPal takes out about 4%)

I need to keep this relationship with this vet in good standing... I put my name on this pup for Danielle so we could get them treatments... but I cannot afford this bill...

This vet has already shut down working with rescue groups because of unpaid bills...

Thank you for anything you can do!

Monday Update

Finally this survivor has a name.... We are calling him Alfred. Alfred made it through another night. A lot of blood in his stool. And this morning he threw up a pile of worms. So we are rushing him to the vets (well as soon as they open) for not only his PARVO treatment but for deworming too.

We have only have $25 pledged toward todays treatment. We need $100 more for the PARVO treatment and approximately
$30 for the deworming.

To donate via PayPal please use the ChipIn below or on this rescue page of my website
There is also a FORM on that webpage to FAX your CC into the vet directly.

WE MUST receive donations BEFORE 11AM.

Thank you thank you!!!
A pic of Alfred taken just minutes ago. Tired and not feeling well, but holding his own!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Survivor - Holding His Own

The only surviving puppy is still holding his own. Bloody stools, and still throwing up a little, but he is holding is own. He seems to be strong.

Thanks to a very special person we received the pledge to get the puppy treatment for Saturday and Sunday.

We are now raising the $125 for Monday's Treatment.

Please help if you can. The ChipIn PayPal tote board is below in my first post about the puppies.

Here is today's pic.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The Two girl puppies did not live through the night. The first one, the sickest died at around 2 AM the other died shortly thereafter. The third a boy pup pictured here is in for treatment as I type this.

We need to raise for him 125 a day for 6 days.

We also need to raise at least $30 for cremation of the two pups.

The chipin PAYPAL link is below to donate.

I will have to change the total amount later as I have to run out to class.

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 Choc Lab Pit Pups with PARVO need HELP!!!

On Wednesday September 10th 2008:
A homeless man came by Danielle's house with three puppies. The man said, 'I know you can do right by these pups' as he has seen Danielle with her 6 rescued pits because she lives in a house on a corner in Wilmington. One was not as active as the other two. Today the two girls tested positive for PARVO.

We need donations! Please!

The cost is estimated over $2000 for 6 days of treatment (remember thats a treatment - times 3!)

This is Danielle's 2 yr old daughter with some of the rescued pits.