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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Genesis Awards

Congrats Hayden!!!


I was volunteer again at The Genesis Awards.
Hayden won the Wyler Award with an amazing heartfelt speech.

Here is the video...


And on YouTube
"Out of breath and crying"




Also wanted to give a shout-out to Eric Roberts. This morning it just dawned on me that I often use a quote he said in a favorite movie written by Beth Henley,
Nobody's Fool (Not the one with Paul Newman).

"I'm not an extremely secure citizen."

Fabulous quirky movie. Rent it!
Or buy it... or hell buy me one.. mine melted in the fire.
I LOVE this movie...

I have been saying that line a lot lately and could not remember where it came from, I knew it was a movie, but it wasn't until Saturday night when I propelled Eric Roberts to introduce himself to me, that it dawned on me.


And who did I miss? I really wanted to meet the writer director Mike White, of
The Year of the Dog.
I just wanted to say hello, great movie. Good Job!
Where did you go?

Also a great movie! Buy the DVD!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spirit of Indie Filmmaking

In the spirit of indie filmmaking. I really need everyone who had ever seen the film,
even the rough cut or DVD of the trailers scenes and write a letter to :

Geoffrey Gilmore.
8857 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 200,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-3605

All I need to ask them is to watch it and truly consider it.

This film is truly the spirit of indie filmmaking, made entirely by donations
No other indie film at this level of filmmaking is shot like this, the shots,
the coverage, the locations,the story and structure. It is not two people
standing stock still talking. It was not shot on one location over a weekend.
The film opens in Wyoming, and was shot inside a recently abandoned animal shelter.
Using documentary footage of real shelter animals and strays.

Indie filmmaking is about what one person can do with a camera, and idea and some tenacity.

But we can get into the ten film festivals without you help.

If you have not seen them... watch our trailers.


Contact us on how you can help.