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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on Rescuers God Complex

Now let me start with saying I really have to stop this venting of rescue crap on my film website. Because really one does not have anything to do with the other. I am just grumpy and pissed.

Here is the story:

In April 07 two people emailed me about a puppy from Craigslist that needed rescue. I took on the puppy only to find out it was from a rescuer whose adoption went bad. Long LONG story short. I offered to give the dog back to the original rescue. They said to keep it. Then they wanted it back. But something was not right. The original rescue did not make any attempt to find out what happened from the people who had the dog DUMPED on them. Instead they planned on giving the dog back (UNALTERED and UNCHIPPED) to the people. My gut said LOUD and CLEAR... something is wrong do NOT give the dog back. So I did not.

Then the original rescue Sylvia from Best Buddies got her friend involved Dottie from

Who wrote me the following email.... she wrote a few others but they were all about the same. She never wanted details she just took the side of Sylvia.

Then a few months later I got an email about Best Buddies rescue being busted for hoarding or poor conditions or something. I KNEW my gut was saying something was wrong with that rescue.

Did I hear from Dottie who called me a dog thief???? NO.

So just recently I heard that Sylvia gave the IDIOT LARODGE JOHNSON WHO IS ON A DO NOT ADOPT LIST THE SISTER DOG.... AND I just found out that the female dog is STILL NOT FIXED and she (Larodge) plans on breeding the dog with a German Shepherd. First of all it will kill the dog since she is probably about 25-30 lbs. Second SYLVIA of Best Buddies was NOT a rescuer she was selling dogs for profit or else the dog would have been fixed!!!!

Oh and that sister dog... is living in a medium crate under a kitchen table and when Larodge goes away for a weekend the dog is alone and uncared for.


I HATE and LOATH those rescuers with such a GOD COMPLEX they can do NO WRONG.
And they do not think they need to apologize when they have CLEARLY DONE WRONG!!!

As soon as Dottie knew something with up with Sylvia she should have contacted me and APOLOGIZED!!!!

In a message dated 04/23/2007 03:24:18 PM, Gpascrescue writes:

Frankly, I am not interested in the chain of events-we all make bad placements at sometime in our life but that does not mean we shouldn't have the opportunity to make them right. Sylvia says she won't give the person back the puppy-it should be no one else's business.
Sylvia does a good job, we work through the same Vet and if she wants her dog back , she has a right and a contract.
Again, I do not want to hear or see anything else except that Sylvia has her puppy back, no rescuer has the right to make judgment calls about another, certainly not to withhold a dog. Be glad it isn't one of mine, we have a whole staff of attorneys.


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