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Friday, December 07, 2007

Shocker Carson lied about dog that died...

First let me point out that our animal overpopulation problem is NOT because of the shelters or their employees it is because of the PUBLIC... the blanket donating and animal loving public who carelessly breed the family pet or just want to make their money back on an expensive store bought dog.

So while we are quick to point to the shelters, they did NOT create this problem, they are merely left to clean it up. And while like in this situation and many others, they are not handling things properly or well, or ethically, do we pay them well? Are we able to get good employees in there for this thankless and often times awful job where MANY MANY MORE animals are Killed than are adopted? Who would want to work there and look at DEATH daily??? Are you working there? Am I?

Who would want to see sweet highly ADOPTABLE friendly, housebroken, easy going dogs and cats and rabbits DIE simply because there is no room at the inn.

During this Christmas holiday I was reading a children's story from Highlights Magazine about a Mexican "shelter", where children learn about the Christmas by basically reenacting what Mary and Joesph went through. The children go door to door asking to be let in and being rejected until the last house. What we do to the animals is much worse than turning them away at the door, we let them in and then we kill them.

So while I am posting this email I received about what one shelter worker from the INSIDE said about the whole dead dog situation, and I agree with what they said this dog did NOT FREEZE to death, it died from lack of medical treatment, the cold weather did not help, I am posting this email with this qualifier, before you blame the shelter for spinning the spin, offer to step up and take this thankless and deadly job.

Pass AB1634

And then pass whatever we need to to get newer COUNTY shelters and higher paid and (hopefully with that... better staff).

DO NOT complain about the problem unless you intend to be part of the solution.

>>I have no idea who this person is. But when I went to send a reply to the email address, the email it bounced back with a message that delivery failed no such user ID.
This is what was sent to me.

"I am writing this as an anonymous employee for LA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL. I cannot tell you my name because I am afraid of retaliation. I know about the dog that died at Carson and headquarters has been lying about everything to cover it up because they are worried about the animal rights terrorists.

"I know Dereck, Michelle and Marcia are trying to claim the dog didn't freeze to death and that is true. The dog died in the cold and had not blankets, but it died because it was not getting the medicine it needed for kennel cough. We never treat the dogs for kennel cough and when we are suppose to we don't because there is no time and nobody cares. We have so much work to do everyday and we hardly get any money for it. We try not to tell management when animals are sick because they automatically kill them. There are more animals that die of the shelter more often, but the volunteers and animal rights people don't see them. We just dump the bodies and go on.

"The vets never do anything for the animals and if they do there is no follow up. Headquarter has been saying they will make things better and they never do. The big bosses are never around and nobody comes to see how bad the shelters are. So many staff has seen the press release they are using and we are all shocked and scared that they can be lying so much. They always fib BUT THESE ARE STRAIGHT OUT LIES!!!! The dog that died at Carson was not being treated for any sickness and was a really nice dog. The press release said that the medical staff began a new treatment plan what medical staff are they talking about. We have a vet but no medicine and nobody to give medicine. We always blame things on the rescues when something goes wrong. I heard the rescues we not told about this dog.

"I copied down this part from the press release because it bothers me the most:

"Unfortunately, on December 1, 2007 "Zephyr" died despite all medical efforts. Staff was holding out hopes that "Zephyr" would be removed before this happened. Staff often struggle between euthanizing a debilitated animal that potentially could have a home and holding on to the hopes of adoption.

"NOBODY CARED ABOUT THIS DOG! This is not because we are mean but they are trying to make it sound like people were doing things for this dog to help her but I am telling you we did not. This is all a lie to cover up for what they did because they got caught.

"The other BIG LIE is about the heat in the kennels. THERE IS NONE. IT hasn't worked for months. I know because I am their almost EVERYDAY!!! IT has been broken for a long time. The dogs are always cold and that is why they get sick and also because we don't vaccinate them like we are suppose to. AND THIS LIE MAKES US MAD TOO! "Zephyr" was also provided with a bed, blanket, and access to an indoor kennel space. NO DOGS GET BEDS EVER! They only have blankets now because of the animal rights people. THAT DOG NEVER HAD A BLANKET THE WHOLE TIME SHE WAS HERE!!!!"<<


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