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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanks for running me over - via Craigslist

http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pet/499584086.html Thanks for running me over! To the big white SUV that hit me and took off, Thank You. Since you broke my pelvis in 3 places, gave me lots of cuts and bruises and scared the bejezus out of me, you might think it odd that I am seeking you out to thank you. You see, I've never been cared for, treated well or loved. I was dumped as a puppy into a cold County shelter, I was scared and alone. One day a woman came in to adopt me and I was so happy. She took me home and chained me in the backyard and kicked me when I barked or peed. I slept on the concrete in the cold and my skin got infected, but she didn't help me. I wished for better days back at the shelter. One day my person untied me and took me out front and let me run free..boy was that fun, but when I came back home she was gone. There was no food or water, even my chain was gone. I waited and waited and cried, but she never came back for me. I was getting really hungry and thirsty and hit the streets. Sometimes someone would throw me food, or I'd find garbage and I'd drink the water in the street. I was cold at night and my skin was hot and itchy. This was no life. Then one day as I ran across the street, you hit me..oh boy did it hurt, but I was so lucky that a nice person came to help me. It was the first kindness I'd seen in my short life. They wrapped me up in a warm towel and took me to the emergency vet. I heard them talking and the nice person couldn't afford to pay for all the vet care I needed, but he got me some pain pills and food and water and a pretty purple collar..collars are sure better than chains. He took me home and kept me warm, even let me sleep on his couch! Who knew there were such things? He found someone who thought I should go see the Vet again and what a great place...I'm warm and I get lots of attention and IV fluids, not to mention the pain medication and they hand feed me..I feel like a king! I should have gotten hit by you a long time ago. Now I need surgery which I hear someone is going to pay a lot of money for..who knew I was so special? I knew in my heart if I waited long enough I'd find someone to love me. I'm such a good boy. I still need a FOSTER HOME to help me get through my recovery and a PERMANENT HOME, but I know you are out there. If I was lucky enough to be hit by a car and cared for by these great people, I know I'm lucky enough to find someone to love me and give me a REAL HOME. Someday I'll go back to visit my friends in the shelter and tell them there are happy endings, sometimes they just come in strange ways. So don't worry about me, hope your car wasn't as hurt as my pelvis...I'm a happy, lucky boy.


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