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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lancaster and Downey Still Needs Blankets and towels

NOTE... ALL shelters NATIONWIDE probably need donations of Blankets Towels and Newspapers... call a shelter need your (also rescue groups can also use donations).

Updates on delivery of blankets to Downey and Lancaster:

I went to Downey last night and delivered an SUV full of blankets and towels. They were very nice there and appreciative and unloaded all from my car for me. (No one offered to help at all at Carson) They said to continue to bring blankets and towels as they can always need them. They have heat and washing facilities but Downey has a lot of puppies right now and they especially like to have soft bedding for them. Downey personnel also said that they go through blankets and towels fast because sometimes they are too soiled to wash up very good, so have to be discarded.

Below is message from a Best Friends volunteer who went to Lancaster today:

The folks at L. shelter were in awe of how many wonderfully cuddly blankies, towels, beds, etc., etc. they got today. It was beginning to get cold and windy there, and I'm sure all the animals are going to appreciate their holiday gifts. It felt so good to be a part of such a giving and thoughtful bunch of animals lovers. I was really jazzed as two of my doggie charges and I drove away. I told them of the second load coming in on Sat. All you guys are great!


I spoke with Lancaster this morning and they also want to continue to receive blankets and towels and were appreciative on the phone. We have more going to Lancaster and Downey on Saturday.

Thank you so much for all who have helped with this.


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