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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Puppy Doused in Gasoline needs Med help

Vanessa was rescued earlier this month. 7-2008

She was a very mellow puppy but she was covered in gasoline however she could have been harboring a virus. She was sick all last night. I can take her to the vet tonight:

Vanessa Needs Parvo test approx $40, and second deworming approx $30 and office fee discounted to $30. She most likely will need tested for Giardia etc.

and not sure what else. If they suspect parvo then they will give her IV fluids $95.�

If you can donate to her med fund please click on the link here it will take you to a page on my website that has a Chip-In paypal button. You can also use checks through PayPal.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

GREAT article in Washington Post Vick's Dogs

Saving Michael Vick's Dogs

Pit Bulls Rescued From the Football Player's Fighting Ring Show Progress in an Unprecedented Rehabilitation Effort

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 7, 2008; Page A01

READ FULL ARTICLE - CLICK HERE - Washington Post Article

More than a year has passed since a Federal court confiscated Michael Vick's pit bulls. While fighting dogs are often euthanized, many of Vick's received a second chance.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE... It's really fantastic!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Puppy Doused in Gasoline

Please forward and Cross Post!

I found this little girl a couple days ago, she was under the front tire
of a truck that was about to drive away. I jumped out screaming to the driver in my usual obnoxious fashion and scooped her up only to discover she was covered in gasoline!

After several washings and a few good meals she is ready
to find her forever home! If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a great friend... she is a wonderful puppy.

Probably between 8-12 weeks. She could be lab pointer mix but she could also be a bully breed, which means pit mix or American Bull Dog... she has large paws... her head is not as box'y as I have seen bully breeds... but big enough she will probably be a big dog...

There is really no way to know really what she is until she grows up.

She is submissive and plays well with my three big dogs.
She is doing well with crate training. Would probably be great in a home with other dogs... as puppies this young tend not to like to be alone...

Contact me if you are interested... and please feel free
to forward my info.
My saveapet adoption page link is at the bottom
of this email...Her name is VANESSA DIESEL.


You can see more pics of her on my SaveAPet.com page.