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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Ending for Vanessa Diesel!

Vanessa (now named Cleo) was adopted this past weekend. She has two canine siblings and two human siblings and a mom and a dad. Here are some pics with Vanessa and her new family.

This is all thanks to the animal rescue community in Los Angeles and nationwide!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great News about FGH moving along! Finally

I guess you really have to hit bottom to dig your way back out. (If you read my previous post you will know what I am talking about).

Late last week, I finally decided to do a Vision Board... I had been wanting to do one for a long time now. For years I had a bulletin board where I would make little collages from images and text. But when I moved to LA my places have been so small there was no room. In my last place I made collages on just regular paper... but have been wanting to do a mammoth vision board. I completely believe that what you put out there comes to fruition. Mediation fueled by action equals results. So for the last year I have been collecting magazines (okay stealing them from doctors offices and - well vet offices) then this last week I finally started cutting out text and graphics... I even photoshopped a little here and there. And I also printed some images from the net, if I could not find or create what I wanted.

Then Sunday... when I was having a particularly bad day because a friend was giving me the cold shoulder aka the silent treatment... again... I decided to turn it around... and I started cutting out the images and laying them out.

The largest segment was, of course, the film. And when later that day I was finally putting smaller panels of what I had completed , it was one large collage, I received a phone call from Ariana. She helped me a few years ago when we were looping. One of my lead actors moved to Taos, New Mexico and Ariana helped us loop her lines for the film. She did a fabulous job... and Sunday Ariana decided to check up on the films progress. When she saw I was still struggling to finish, she called me and offered to help. Slicing her fees and doing some work deferred. (WOW this vision board stuff really works!)

We talked for a while... not just about the film... it is clear to see she is one cool cat!

Now all we need to do is to fly her here or fly me and the project there (she is in Northern California). And waalaa... we have an editor!


To see Ariana click here and click on the filmmaker link http://www.ismschism.com/

Of course there is always a catch... since I have been out of work since May, I cannot afford to do flying in either direction... therefore we will again miss the deadline for Sundance. But you never know... miracles do happen.

When I started this project, I just began shooting and hoped everything would fall into place. I received the location of the old Long Beach Animal Shelter to film on - and went to Wyoming to open the film...

Here is a quote that is on my Vision Board

"In fact, the ability to start out upon your own impulse is fundamental to the gift of keeping going upon your own terms, not to mention the further and more fulfilling gift of getting started all over again never resting upon ones oars of success or in the doldrums of disappointment... getting started, keeping going, getting started again-- in art and in life, it seems to me this is the essential rhythm..." Seamus Heaney.

I am very passionate about everything I do and touch. About living life. When I set out in life embarking upon adulthood (have been thinking about all this lately because of my ever silent friend who is a blast from the past) I wanted to experience life to the fullest. I did not want to just travel some place I wanted to live it and experience it and learn the local culture. America is so rich and diverse and from growing up in conservative Cleveland suburbs I knew that there was so much more out there - that people would form their opinions but I wanted to decide for myself - I wanted to LIVE and EXPERIENCE what this world and AMERICA has to offer --. I have lived in New York City, Wyoming, Colorado, San Diego, Los Angeles and been in every state in America (except Hawaii) and I have camped on the Arctic Circle in Alaska having driven to Alaska from Wyoming alone (albeit with my dog and my cat)... I almost died from hypothermia in the Adirondacks on a backpacking trip when it snowed 8 inches... I wanted to feel everything passionately from pain and sorrow to overwhelming joy.

Here is another good quote I just heard today...

Moderation in all things is a mantra we've been hearing a lot about of late. It is healthy. It is sane. It is morally correct. It is also very boring.

I much prefer people with passions. There is nothing more exciting than watching someone fall so deeply in love- with a food, an object, a way of life- that they throw caution to the wind and follow their heart. Although they may not be entirely reasonable, I find that people who allow themselves obsessions are much more interesting than those who don't.
Ruth Reich

I'll take passion over moderation any day. Oh how much more interesting it truly is!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FGHMovie - post

Since this is a blog that is supposed to be about the movie... here is some movie news... or not so news - news...

I showed part of the movie to my students (I have been teaching lately) and the first day I screened the first part of the movie. Their reaction was good for the movie and for the topic. But that is not why I am writing todays blog. The very first scene that has my dogs in it is unfortunately and possibly ironically the very last footage of one of them alive. As we went out and shot it the night before the fire happened. So that first scene is the last. And it is really hard... for me to watch that scene. That is why when I try to open the movie to edit it, I can't get very far, that shot is within the first ten minutes of the film. Just a nightmare for me to watch.

Although when I watch the film I see all the editing that needs to be done. And someone suggested that I break it back down into parts, scenes... that is how I started editing when we began the film. And that feels do-able. Although I have not been able to get into the film to break it up. Just is overwhelming. I have been taking jobs that would allow me to edit in the morning. And my schedule in September will allow for that. If I could only get out of my own way. The only thing that is stopping me is me. Totally feels like I am letting them down.

Then the scene after that scene is when Tala arrives in LA and takes a place at the trailer park. The dog she is walking with in the Trailer Park is not Sneakers pictured here. It was a stand-in because Sneakers was gone. And so it goes.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is Jewel.

She needs Boot Camp Rehab. She was shot by police and tasered. She was starved at the shelter. She was not fed and man-handled by shelter staff. She was not given meds for her wounds. 18 days later she was emaciated and pulled minutes before euthanasia. She has finally come around to trust some humans, but she needs more help. She needs professional help. You can donate toward her rehab by going to www.ruffdiamonds.petfinder.com

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vanessa Diesel on YouTube

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vanessa UPDATE 8-8-08 8:00AM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-8-08 8:00AM

Vanessa still has soft stool. So we are adding more rice and might go back in for a recheck tonight. My dogs Schlimie and Penny threw up. Schlimie yesterday... ALL her food and Penny this morning, grass. SO I might be taking them in as well.

These are my guys. Homer is the big red one on top and Schlimie is the tan one on the left. Penny is the white/red Am Staf.

I call this picture, Squish on a Chair.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vanessa Update 8-6-08 7:30AM

Vanessa Update 8-6-08 7:30AM

We all slept through the night. YIPPEE! So far so good. Pills went down well this morning. She is still eating well. She has five days of these pills, one pill is to keep her from throwing up and keep her poop FIRM! So after those five days and she comes off those pills, we will see.

Apparently you are not in the clear for a couple of weeks.

But there are thresholds. The first is tonight and tomorrow. How she does after 24 hours without the sub-cue treatment.

The second is how she does when the five day pills stop. That is Sunday.

And the third is how she does a week after that. That is when the antibiotics stop.

Then lastly, apparently there is a rare form of the virus that affects the heart, that is after four weeks of the virus starting.

But I think she will be just fine. I just worry. A full nights sleep helped a lot, for me at least!

Once all the pledges come in and the PayPal is transfered over, I can pay off the entire vet bill. I can send everyone vet receipts and donation receipts! I simply cannot thank everyone enough!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We got Poop! Vanessa UPDATE 8-5-08 3:30PM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-5-08 3:30PM

I still have a balance at the vet but I have a couple
of pledges coming in that should cover it.

We did 5 total treatments and now are on twice daily meds. Food every few hours, they wanted chicken mixed with rice and mixed with the ID, (those cans are going fast). Change that up with hamburger boiled and mixed with rice and mixed with ID. She eats about a half cup every few hours. She gobbles it up.

So we are eating every few hours, just a little. She is still so skinny. But not emaciated. Here is a pic from this afternoon. She is happy and recovering. Her poop is okay. Not perfect. She could use more rice. But its good poop for a parvo pup.

You should be glad I didn't take a pic of the poop!

Vanessa UPDATE 8-5-08 4AM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-5-08 4AM

She is still eating and drinking and so far so good. She is keeping it all down.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Vanessa UPDATE 8-4-08 8PM Monday

Well I am ready for a breakdown... but Vanessa is doing better. They gave her a treatment tonight and we are going to try it without the treatment tomorrow and switch her to meds they gave me. She has to eat every 4-6 hours. a half cup of a food if she eats too much and throws up she might have to go back on the treatment again. We were told to mix ID and boiled chicken and rice... as well as ID and boiled hamburger and rice...

so we are not out of the woods the next 48 hours will give us a lot of information. today we were feeding her every 2-4 hours...

thank you to everyone who has helped.

The vet has been amazing. I had to leave with a partial unpaid bill tonight because we got some donations into PayPal but they take some time (3 days) to transfer over.

I have tried to keep up on the donations paperwork and etc... but with sleeping only a couple hours here and there... things have been a bit tough.

I truly appreciate everyones help...

Thank you so very much!!!

Still no poop

I still have not seen Vanessa poop, so while she is feeling better I have no idea if her body is cooperating since she has not pooped. She hasn't eaten in three days until last night. I talked with the vet and have to put her on ID. SO I am running to go get that now.

Thank you to all!

Tonights Treatment

I have no idea if the vet will want to continue the treatment tonight or not.
I have 25 dollars toward it, which covers a part of the 125 treatment. I need to get
pledges for the $100 in case the treatment is needed.

I can easily refund on PayPal if tonights treatment is NOT needed.
Or if you use the fax form and fax in pledges to the vet directly
(the form is on the website linked below) I will simply let you know
if they are needed or not. Or if they are, they will not be charged until
after the treatment and I can either call or email or fax you
if she needs the treatment.

If none of this makes sense, email or call me.

Thanks so much!

Link to the donation form and ChipIn PayPal

see her morning
status and pic below

Vanessa UPDATE 8-4-08 7 AM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-4-08 7AM

This morning...
She literally ran out the door just now...
She kept food and water down all night.

Her re-check is 7PM tonight.

I do not know enough about this disease to know
if there are rebounds like this. I will find out tonight.

Thanks so very much again... everyone.

I am very VERY grateful to all of you!

Here is a pic of her this morning, happy and ready to play...
now if she only knew while she went back to sleep at 2AM...
I could not...

Vanessa UPDATE 8-4-08 2 AM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-4-08 2AM

She woke me to go out to pee. She has not thrown up any food. So far so good.
She was standing and walked outside on her own. And she did not want to come back in she wanted to stay out and play. (Great...)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vanessa UPDATE 8-3-08 6:15PM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-3-08 6:15 PM

Just came back from treatment and thank you to a very special woman who paid the $55.
I have no idea if they will want to continue doing the treatment tomorrow. But the re-check tomorrow is at 7PM with the original doctor who first saw her.

She just gobbled up dinner, chicken and rice, that we cooked this morning.

She is doing amazingly well! More later!

Thank you again!

9PM she kept dinner down!

Vanessa UPDATE 8-3-08 2:21PM

Vanessa UPDATE 8-3-08 2:21PM

Vanessa seems to be doing a little better. She is more active and alert.
We offered her some chicken mushed with rice and she ate it and so far has kept it down. This is the first day she has been interested in food.

I am taking her into the vet today at 5:30PM, if you can donate, please do so, I need to raise $55 for todays vet visit and treatment.

To donate use this link

Thank you so very much!

Pic taken at 2PM today.

UPDATE Sunday 8-3-08 10AM

Read this mornings first blog from 7 AM below this post.

UPDATE Sunday 8-3-08 10AM
Vanessa is wagging her tail more and lifting her head more. She has no interest in eating or drinking: baby food, or water. She was lying in bed with me and tried to chew my phone, remote, the towel she was lying on and my blanket... all those seem to be good signs.

I still need to raise the $65 for todays treatment.
I truly appreciate each and every donation.


Thank you!

UPDATE Sunday 8-3-08 7 AM

UPDATE Sunday 8-3-08 7AM
Vanessa seemed a little more alert last night after her treatment. She spit up a little but that was it.

This morning she seems like she is feeling even better as she sat up in her crate that she sleeps in, inches from my bed. She did eventually stand and walk out of the crate.
I carried her outside and she wagged her tail and she danced around a little, she peed and then got into her bed on that chair outside, just took this pic of her curled up on her bed on the porch.

I, however, am getting a migraine so these updates might get really brief today.

After she I see how she feels today I will update again. And then after tonights treatment.

I am still needing to raise $65 for todays treatment. We go in at 5:30 tonight.

Here again is the link for her ChipIn PayPal page
and there is a downloadable faxable form on that page as well, the vet asked me to have you use that if you do not want to go through paypal you can give a credit card directly to the vet.


Thanks again, everyone!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vanessa UPDATE Saturday 8-2-08 7:08PM

Just came back from the vet. The tech who has seen her all three days now said she looked good. I think the fact she is alert and stands and lifts her head is a good sign.

But then the girl yesterday said it was a rollercoaster ride. Boy was she right.

She has lost weight, and looks pretty sad. But I have hope.

Here is a pic I just took.

I need to raise $125 in donations for tomorrows treatment.

Again here is the donate link to the Donation Form and the ChipIn PayPal button.



Vanessa's UPDATE Saturday 8-2-08 11:50 AM

Vanessa's UPDATE Saturday 8-2-08 11:50 AM

See the post from late last night below. She goes back in for treatment at 5PM tonight. She did fairly well last night. She threw-up once last night and again at 4 AM. No blood present anywhere. Here is a couple a pics I took a few minutes ago. She is sleeping behind me as I write this.

The vet is faxing over another estimate as he said he expects treatments to continue through his re-check on Monday and a couple days after that. So I increased the ChipIn amount to go through Monday. We are covered for today. But I need help with Sunday and Monday. And possibly Tuesday and Wednesday. They gave me a new statement reflecting that. That is also downloadable with the receipts at: http://www.fghmovie.com/rescued.html

The vet staff (VITA) asked me to ask everyone to use this donation form I created last night. (Someone had faxed it in and Vita loved it so she wants us to use it.) I put the Donation Form PDF on my site. Here: http://www.fghmovie.com/rescued.html

You can continue to use the ChipIn via PayPal either way will work. In fact it will really help if you can donate toward Sunday's bill via ChipIn and PayPal UNLESS you can call VITA before 3:00PM TODAY Saturday 8-2-08!

Vita is also NOT working tonight or tomorrow so if you just fax this form in, it will apply towards Monday's bill. As she will not be in to charge the cards until then.

I hoping this makes sense as I have not had a lot of sleep.

I truly appreciate all of this amazing help.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Late Friday UPDATE 8-1-08 11PM

Vanessa went from doing well to not doing so well a little earlier. So I raced her over to the vet before they closed. The vet feels that she will MOST LIKELY be needing 6 days of treatments. (The vet who first saw her yesterday will not be there over the weekend and he will do a re-check on her on Monday.)

So at the VERY LEAST I need help in covering treatment through the weekend, (Sunday and Monday).

So I am adding another $250 to the Chipin PayPal donate button.

The vet staff also asked me to create a FAXABLE donation form. And I did. It is available for download on my rescue page here http://www.fghmovie.com/rescued.html

You can fill out the form and FAX it directly to the vet to make Credit Card donations. Or you can still use ChipIn and PayPal.

You can also see receipts - today's receipt has been posted. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TO ALL WHO DONATED TODAY!!!

TOMORROWS (Saturday) treatment is COVERED. I need now to cover for Sunday and Monday (and possibly Tuesday but I will know that Monday night).

Thank you all so very much!

I also posted new pics (or old pics from the day she was rescued).

Pup gets second treatment ! Thank you!!

5:24 PM

Vanessa Diesel just came back from the vet. Thanks to all of you who donated she received her second treatment! She perked up a bit after her treatment. Her third treatment is tomorrow and I need to raise the $125 for that.

On Saturday night (tomorrow) we reevaluate her condition and decide if we do more treatments.

EACH treatment costs $125 (that is the rescue discounted price). I have to bring the total amount in BEFORE each treatment can start. I raised enough for todays treatment.

Thank you again to all who donated! The vet is going to fax me a receipt and I will post it on the website and those who donated with get a receipt either faxed or mailed (however
you instructed the vets office to do it).

Thank you so very much!

Pic taken 8-1-08

Pup doused in gas tests positive for PARVO

I put this on my rescue page on my website last night and thought it would be easier to update my blog. Even though this isnt movie info...

I desperately need someone to call in to the vet and donate for today's treatment or I simply cannot afford to take Vanessa in. As the vet will not accept payments. I still have a balance from my last Parvo pup that I was making really small payments on... However, I was working as a teacher this year and just did not have enough to pay it off. At least they are willing to give me a discount, as well they are willing to take some payments over the phone, so I have very grateful they are still willing to work with me.

Here is what I posted last night.


7-31-08 8:41 PM

Just returned from the vet. Vanessa tested positive for PARVO.

Her bills are below. This is for her first three treatments, after that we reevaluate.

She ate a little cooked ground chicken, she drank water.

8-1-08 10:46AM

Vanessa woke at about 4 AM and had diarrhea and then went back to sleep. I made her some more chicken and gave her some baby food (which she ate last night a whole jar with rice). But she refused to drink or eat this morning. She woke again at about 10AM and had diarrhea again, a small bit of blood in one. Then about 20 minutes later she vomited but just spit came out. So she kept down the food last night.

In a little bit I am going to try some Pepto-Bismol.

Here are two pics I took from my phone at the vets last night. The Parvo test and her. Sorry they are so small.

But truly I absolutely cannot take her back to the vet tonight until today's treatment is paid prior to going in there. I simply do not have it.

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Judy for Vanessa Diesel

To donate by PayPal please click this link http://www.fghmovie.com/rescued.html
or Call me 310.492.5569 if you can help make todays payment by phone to the vet.
They are only staffed until NOON and after 3PM. I need to raise this by 7PM, my appt.
Copies of last nights bill and the estimate are on the link above.