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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Editing Fundraising 1/3 of the way there!

We are ONE THIRD of the way to our editing fundraising goal!

Click here to see who donated!

And now I am on my way to working on a suggestion someone made
to place ads at the end credits from sponsors. Afterall, an ad
is completely deductable for a company and a donation isn't.

No one emailed from the previous post. But I thought I should post
(and yes I know there are problems with my comments section but
my CONTACT US button works) That is what happens when you are
doing it all yourself and haven't a clue what you're doing... your
html code gets all jacked up... and I know I never finished responding
to that persons post... I was working on an answer... and got distracted
rescuing this animal or that...

But as for my integrity... here is what two people said...

Thank you for the card and letter...made my afternoon. Difficult to believe someone would be that cool - to ********confidential****** and write such a nice letter. That's quite a bit of character to be displayed in the entertainment industry...you should probably hook up with a really good attorney to balance things out.<<

And here is one from one of the actors in the film... I couldn't get it to post in comments
(html jacked up thing again)

>> This is Sandey, one of Judy's actresses on FGH. I give Judy a lot of credit for working on this film day after day. Pets have been saved because of this movie.

Another saying is: "Walk a mile in my shoes".

Peace to all and may all the animals find good homes..<<

When you put yourself out there... like I have you get a lot of criticism.
I have also noticed it really
prevalent in animal rescue...
this rescue is very
critical of another and so on...
And while we are all entitled to our opinion...
there is a HUGE difference between constructive
and not-so-much constructive

And so many times there have been people who have said...
Oh I would have this done by now...
or so and so did this and so and so did that... and most of the time...
they were talking about completing shorts...

Or if you have seen a lot of truly INDIE films...
with one or two locations... and crappy angles...

This is not your average indie film.


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