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From: "Arleen" <corgially@m...>
Date: Thu Dec 13, 2001 6:10 pm
Subject: Our Friend and Fellow Rescuer Desperately Needs our Help!!Please Forward!!
This was sent to me. I am crossposting it here.


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From: Nancy
To: Judy's Friends
Date: Thursday, December 13, 2001 7:53 PM
Subject: FW: Our Friend and Fellow Rescuer Desperately Needs our Help!!Please Forward!!
From: Alec
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 09:42:16 -0800
To: Rescuers

Subject: Our Friend and Fellow Rescuer Desperately Needs our Help!! Please Forward!!

To all who receive this e-mail,

I have very sad news to report about our good friend Judy Crozier, she has suffered a loss most of us can't even imagine. On Saturday, Dec. 8th her trailer home burst into flames while she was out shooting her film. The source is still unknown. The devastation is overwhelming. Her animals, (4 dogs and 1 cat) did not survive the fire. One dog, Bambi, was pulled from the fire alive only to die on 12/11 from severe smoke inhalation. One cat, Shane, was not recovered from the fire and we were hopeful that she had somehow escaped. That hope was realized on 12/12 when Judy went back to her home and after scouring the area she found Shane. Shane suffered burned toes and whiskers and is now under observation at the vet. It appears she is the sole survivor. All of Judy's belongings were also destroyed.

You may already know Judy, or are now learning about her for the first time, either way- everyone should know that she has been passionately hard at work on writing, directing, and shooting a feature film in order to educate the public about the severe animal overpopulation crisis in Los Angeles. Along with this mission she has personally been rescuing and placing animals as she shoots in the streets of LA because of her kind heart and love for all animals. Sadly one of her dogs lost to the fire was a foster dog that she could not turn her back on.

I am writing to you all today because I am a first hand witness to the loving spirit, and beauty that Judy approaches her efforts with. I have been helping her with the film, when I can- and have helped her in her rescue efforts. This woman is a gift to this world, and all she touches within it-animal or human.

Now, the rescuer needs to be rescued. I am personally asking all of you to find a little extra money this holiday season and help Judy recover some of her life. She is in desperate need of funds for the astronomical vet bill, living expenses, and clothing. With the pain and profound loss she has suffered, I feel that the only thing we can do is let her know she is loved.

Please send any cash donation, or gift cards (Walmart, Target etc) to:
The Judy Crozier Fund

On behalf of Judy, thank you.

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On December 8, 2001

The cast and crew were filming in Topanga Canyon. The director, Judy Crozier, came home after filming to find her home had burned and a note on the door saying one dog was at the vets. Her neighbor told her that none of the others made it.


An email went out describing what happened - this is that email.


After the fire going forward to finish the film was difficult. As Judy's home was one of the locations. The cast and crew had to shoot around the burned out structure. Judy would shoot during the day and itemize things for insurance during the time off. She lost $60,000 worth of belongings and was insured for the max of only $10,000. Her computer was lost, all of her clothes. But the film was tucked away in a closet and came through the fire unscathed.

Principal filming was complete and it was on to editing where things have fallen apart. Judy hired an editor and their deal was to get the film to picture lock - however this editor decided where picture lock was and while receiving a great deal of all the money Judy had - quit the film.

With no one else on the crew having ever being paid - she picked up and went on with another editor - this time a hard drive was not configured correctly and even though they were nearing completion all their hard work was lost.

Today Judy is left with attempting to edit the film alone. But even after all this time, this has proved to be much too difficult for her. As in all of the footage are her pets - who played roles in the film.

Currently we are looking for editors and assitant edtiors to DONATE time to log and capture footage that was lost on those hard drives as the simple task of going through the footage for the director is just too difficult.

Imagine your worst day, capture it on film and then have to revisit in editing endlessly.

Shane the only survivor.

Wednesday January 25th, 2006 the sole surviving cat, SHANE, died or was killed, because of a rescued dog Judy had recently taken in. Shane, the female cat named for the movie which was set in Crozier's beloved Wyoming, had over the six years living with Judy put-up with countless rescue dogs and cats, puppies and kittens... The dog, a German Shepherd Puppy, 1 yr, shared a trait with the much loved cat, both of them had, One Blue Eye. With the help of another rescue group he has found a new home in Orange County.

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