Press Release 1/29/05

Filmmaker Alerts Nation to 20/20 Segment Showing Puppies Thrown Out
Filmmaker Alerts Nation to 20/20 Segment Showing Puppies Thrown onto Roadside

Friday 1/28/05, Judy Crozier, director of the indie movie "FREE to a Good Home,"
saw the promotional clip of John Stossel's 20/20 segment called "MYTHS, LIES and NASTY BEHAVIOR," which depicts, among other things live puppies being thrown onto the side of the road.

Appalled, the animal welfare activist launched an email (and posted a new Blog) to a few hundred friends and animal rescuers, imploring them to watch the 20/20 segment. Crozier's email quickly spread around the country.

The following morning the director received an urgent call from one of the producers of the "Animal Radio Hour" show. She had heard about Crozier's email on the 20/20 segment and had then watched the show itself.

Crozier speaks about her own ongoing experience with abandoned animals on and talks about her upcoming movie, "FREE to a Good Home." The show will air in Los Angeles on KOST at 6:30 AM Sunday Morning.

Additional information can also be found at .
You can hear this radio segment on .


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