Here are the animals rescued in 2006.

In Memoriam

Shane, who survived the fire Dec 8, 2001 and lost her life Jan 25, 2006

and to the Blind Shep

who was dumped by backyard breeders and slipped through the rescue cracks and was "euthanized" at a Los Angeles Shelter.

While we were trying to network the Blind Shep and arrange for a rescue group to pull her from the shelter she was euthanized, it all happened in less than 24 hours. Generally it takes 48 hours to coordinate a rescue through the email rescue network. This includes finding a rescue group, and raising the "bail" money to get the animal out of the shelter and finding someone to go to the shelter (with a rescue card, or find someone with a card which offers discounts to rescuers) and pay for and transport the animal. While I sent out the email with the pictures at around 9PM one evening the next day before 4PM she was dead, and a rescue group HAD offered to take her but that information did NOT get to the shelter in time to stop euthanasia. She was about 4 months old and most likely a purebred shepherd.

The ACT holding her had tears in his eyes when he told me about her. HE named her Princess.

s e



I thought this pit pup which looked like it had acid burns on its back and was extremely emaciated, was going to end up like the blind shep. As I just happened to snap a couple of pics. And I just happened to inquire at the VERY FULL Lancaster, CA where they have SEVEN and EIGHT dogs per cage. The Fabulous ACT (animal control technitian) LUCY, looked up the dog and asked me if I wanted to place a "hold" I said yes and thought I would network out the photo. Lucy said wait a minute as she looked into her computer file. She left the room and came back. Apparently my inquiry stopped in the tracks this dogs euthanasia. And Knowing what I did about the Shep pup and how long it took to network. I asked for 48 hours. This pup is now with Karma Rescue her name is now WILMA, you can see current pics on their website.

Wilma Acid Burn Pup

Wilma Acid Burn Pup

Five Harbor Pups


Five Harbor Pups

Just rescued


Two Tan pups STILL available for adoption. Ready for new homes after Thanksgiving!


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This is Clementine when she was adopted.

Clem came to us from the shelter in August with PARVO (August is peek season for parvo)

Affordable Animal Clinic got her back on her feet. Cured her of PARVO.

This is the Parvo room at Affordable. You MUST step in bleach before and after entering the room. Clem is on the bottom left.

If you would like to make a donation to Clem's Bill,

we STILL have a few hundred dollars of a balance

at TWO vets for her care (after she had Parvo she got a bad case of Kennel Cough.)

Please make a donation through our donation page on PAYPAL.


This is THUMPER.

She came from the So LA shelter with a severly broken foot.

She now lives in Santa Barbara, and does not even have a limp!

I bailed her along with Foo Man Choo on the same day with the last $70 in my pocket.


Foo Man Choo

This is Foo Man Choo.

We called him that because he had NO hair except the foo man on his face.

He was NOT sick, just poor nutrition and care.

He was turned in by a girl and her mother. The girl was crying, so observers say. Obviously I have no idea what lead this 5yr old + dog to lose all its hair or why the family did not want to or think it was treatable.

This dog would have NEVER been seen by the public. An ACT at the shelter pointed him out and I took him, even though I knew I would have to network a rescue for him. He was about 5 pounds and with my 70 lb Homer and Penny and Schlimie I felt one scoop with their nose in play could be the end of Foo Man.

This is Foo Man (has a new name) today. WITH HAIR.

He has another small dog and a cat as siblings now. His new family loves and adores him.



And thank you to Ellen of Little Big Dog Rescue for taking care and finding a great loving home for him! (She named him Jasper!)


Bullet and his Dad IRA

I saw Bullet, who lives near me with his dad out for a walk.

I grabbed a quick snapshot.


Shep aka Nelson aka Boogie

Shep was taken on by Ariel Rescue in Orange County.

He had been neutered and had complications, thankfully Ariel Rescue had a vet able to handle the medical issues.

But he still has quite a bill at Ariel Rescue, so if you can make a donation towards Sheps bill

please contact

Ariel Rescue


Rosie the bulldog

Rosie lived at a vets for TWO Years and finally they let me find a great home for her!

Roxie's got Moxy!

Roxie was born in a field in Los Angeles. She had nine siblings 24 hours later all but three had died. 24 hours after than I received Roxie and two of her siblings which were clearly dying. While we attempted to bottle feed them all, only Roxie survived.

Roxie at 3 weeks.

Bottle feeding is exhausting, every two hours feeding and cleaning for two or three weeks. After four weeks she can be weaned from bottle feeding milk to mush (wet food and milk), then soon to hard food.

Roxie at 8 weeks, was adopted and plays with a laberdoodle and her roommates Golden.

Spike aka Wee Willy Winkie

Spike's owners did not want him if he was to lose his eye. His eye was damaged when a large dog bit him.

After the family spent over a thousand dollars to save the eye. They decided to give him to the vet, who called me to take him, get his eye removed and find him a new home.

This is Wee Willy Winkie today.

Less one eye but a bunch of fun.

Thank you to donations his surgery was immediate, and thanks to

Dr. Garcia of PawsandClawsMobileVet