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Monday, December 08, 2008

Fire Anniversary

December 8, 2008 the anniversary of the fire.

In memory of:

Bambi (my favorite - she died Dec 11th - three days after the fire... when VCA animal hospital, the SHITTIEST vet on the planet KILLED her by withholding medication twice and not doing any xrays and when she arrested they did not even attempt to resuscitate her.)

Sneakers - the oldest I think she was about 8... I had her since the day she was born. Born to my friends dog... I cared for the whole litter... and gave them away FREE to a Good Home... which is why I named the film FREE to a Good Home... because at 20 something in Wyoming I had no idea what kind of pet overpopulation problem we had...

Monster - aka Puff Monster aka Puffy... named by my niece who could not say Puppy ... He is the main reason I made the film... because I found him my first year attending USC. He was on the corner of the school.... I scooped him up... and fell into the world of animal rescue in Los Angeles...

Lilly Munster - Puffy's Wife - she came up to my place a couple of weeks before the fire... she was looking to be rescued... only to die there... no rescue for Lilly... she had a couple of weeks of a warm bed and good food..... and a small part in the movie... playing Monsters double... Monster kept trying to kill all my actors... um he had an eye especially on Katie... and so Lilly found us... and we thought it was a miracle to film the capture of her... for Monster... she (unlike Monster) had a amazing underbite... she was very cute and the Monday after the fire she was scheduled to be fixed. I was still integrating her into the pack.

Thelma-Louise the only cat...the window was open and Shane jumped out... and Thelma was the one who was always opening that window... so not sure what happened. She probably was overcome with smoke. I found her the litter in the backyard of my friend David. Got the rest of the litter homes.

And Shane - died in January 2007
She died because I brought home a rescue dog that broke out of a crate and killed her.

She was the only one who survived the fire...

Sorry guys... I was supposed to rescue you...



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