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Friday, March 31, 2006

Do You Know An Animal Rescuer in Need of a Makeover?

It's a conspiracy!

This email went out!

Hi there-
I am the Casting Director for the makeover show "How Do I Look?" on the Style.Network and I'm looking for an animal rescuer in need of a full makeover from hair to makeup to clothing (the worse the clothing, the better). The person we choose will receive a full makeover that includes hair (color and cut at a high end salon), makeup and lots of clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and lots of extras such as spa days, trips, computers, furniture, gym memberships, etc. Plus, for this makeover, we would also highlight the animal rescue as well! Our show airs a lot, so it would be great for all involved.
Please e-mail photos and the story of the people you think would be perfect for a makeover to jbandemer@eentertainment.com. We're doing IMMEDIATE CASTING for this one!

Then my lead actress sent her this (and cc'd me)


I know the perfect rescue worker for your show. Her
name is Judy Crozier. I met her because of her plight
to save animals. She decided the best way to get the
animals help was to make a film about homeless pets
called "FREE to a Good Home"

I played the animal rescuer in the film. She never
ever is able to wear a stick of make up and hair is
just usually an 80's looking scrunchies. Most days
she was wearing bleach stained cotton stretch pants
and a t-shirt that had so many holes in it you thought
it was modeling after Swiss cheese.

But there are also the days when she does have to get
dressed up. Those consist of chap stick, moisturizer
combed hair (possibly) and a florescent tie-died
t-shirt (hopefully with no animal discharge on it) and
never with out pet hair.

During the filming of the movie she lived in a small
trailer with 5 pets I believe sandwiched in there.
Her trailer burned down. She lost all but one pet and
almost everything she owned. (she is now trying to
rebuild her life) Thank God her clothes burned, but
she has reverted back to her old tie-died ways.

Please help her. She is frazzled like all animal
rescue people saving one animal at a time. But she
really needs to be presentable to meet with the
Hollywood people who can help get her movie out there
for all to see. In that sense she is able to help
millions of more animals when people see this film.

Thank You for your consideration.

Love her embarased (but well meaning) friend.
PS She never has photo's taken but you can see a
candid shot of her on the website www.FREEtoaGoodHomeMOVIE.com

Then I showed my friend Joan what Katie did and here was her reply...

I was going to email Jill about you also, but wanted to check if that

was okay

MAKE OVER and FREE CLOTHES and hair cut



There is nothing wrong with TYE DYE its bright and fun!

This just in... yet ANOTHER letter. "Dated" My wardrobe is not "dated" tye dye is coming back, damn it!!!

Dear Jill:

I would also nominate Judy Crozier of "FREE to a Good Home" for your
animal rescuer makeover.

Judy is a director who recently filmed the movie "FREE to a Good Home"
about the plight of abandoned animals. She is constantly busy picking up
stray animals and has very little time to focus on her own personal
appearance. I think she could definitely benefit from a professional
makeover. Her style is a bit dated and I'm sure that your viewers would
enjoy seeing Judy's outgoing personality and exceptional efforts in saving

Yours sincerely,
Jill Fraser.
Yes, and I am sure they would love to put me in some outfit only to have the three day old puppy I am bottle feeding poop and drool all over it!


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