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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Animal Radio Hour (listen to the National show)

Today 1/29/05 Saturday
I will be on
Animal Radio Hour
(it will air in LA next weekend)
Mtn Time it's 12-1
live today
on the EAST coast it is also
airing live (10-11) I think,
oh MAN I have to subtract!
No wait ADD. 1-2!
You can find your station via their website!

You can listen to it on their website NOW
and during this whole week!,
or if in Los Angeles it will be on
KOST 103.5 NEXT Sunday 2/6/05 at 6:30 AM!

They called because of the email
I sent out (and posted on my blog)
They want to talk about the
20/20 segment
(and my film). And the whole animal issue.

Wow, I should really finish redoing my
website then, huh.!?.

Thanks to all who watched last night!



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