Find a new home for a stray or rehome your pet.

1. Take a photo of the pet and create a story for the pet

(if stray describe in detail how you found the animal),

(if needing to rehome your pet, describe WHY you are no longer able to care for/or keep your pet)

2. Cross POST the photo and story on as many animal adoption sites as humanly possible.

Email every friend you know and ask them to FORWARD the email to everyone they know.

(if the animal is a stray PLEASE PLEASE still watch for people who call and say, that it is their pet, make them PROVE it,

if someone insists contact a local rescue groups for assistance)

3. Take the animal EACH and EVERY WEEKEND both Saturday and Sunday to adoption events

Find local rescue groups through contacting the shelter and reading the local papers. In So Cal, we have this WONDERFUL

newspaper called THE PET PRESS which lists nearly ALL rescue groups and their adoption sites/dates/times.

We also have

But also look at

4. Find an adoption application (or email me for my indie app) and make potential adopters FILL IT OUT

Check their references!

5. Take an adoption fee, PUT THAT FEE on the ADOPTION APP CLEARLY

If you are uncomfortable taking a fee for yourself, place the fee toward a rescue group or organization or if it is a stray, the vet bill.

Not too high not too low. About $100.

6. If confused or overwhelmed, take a deep breath and ask a resource!

7. Do NOT expect to rehome your pet in a DAY or a WEEK, it can take about 2 MONTHS to place an animal, be patient!

8. Above all do NOT expect a rescue group to jump in and bail you out of your situation

Rescue groups are always overwhelmed.

A friend said to me once, for animal rescue it is 9/11 everyday!

it is true!

Today in So California alone the shelters could kill nover 5,000 animals.

That is my guess from numbers I have seen

Rescue groups are trying to save the millions of strays that are caught running stray in the streets and healing them, and

finding them a home, their organizations generally work in the RED (deficit).

Typically costs to rescue a stray from the streets $200-$2000

(depending on its injuries)





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