FGH Aug-Dec 2004 Newsletter

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About this Newsletter and FREE to a Good Home

If you are hearing about FGH for the first time here is some basic information.

The Newsletter
The FGH newsletter will notify you of special events related to our feature film,
FREE to a Good Home, including screenings, fundraising events, film festival
announcements, distribution and how you can get the film for educational purposes.

The Story
"FREE to a Good Home" is a gritty, realistic, film written, directed and produced by Judy Crozier. It reveals the journey of Tala Loreto (Katherine Norland), a naïve Wyoming tomboy lured into the emotional world of rescuing stray dogs. Inspirational and informative, this film champions a young woman who finds herself through challenging the system, one life at a time.

The Film
Footage of "FREE to a Good Home" has been seen throughout Asia, and has also been used by the Doris Day Animal League to pass legislation. When completed, it will be used to raise awareness and funding for rescuers in LA, and throughout the country.

The Tragedies during the Making of the Film
While making the film, Director Judy Crozier lost her home and five pets in a fire. The tragedy occurred while she was out filming, but miraculously, one pet, a cat named 'Shane' and the film survived.

Crozier had to resume filming within a couple of weeks as her home was one of the movie's main locations. This determined director, instead of using the insurance refund to replace destroyed personal and household items, purchased editing equipment. After a painstaking year of reviewing and creating edit logs for the footage, which included her deceased pets, she began editing.

Just as the film was taking shape Judy's beloved teacher and mentor, Paul Zindel, passed away. A few months later, cast member Jenna Edwards, suffered physical and emotional trauma from being struck in the Santa Monica Market Crash in July, 2003. Crozier has had to continually halt both production and now post production to raise funds to continue editing.

Donations whether monetary, service assistance or introductions to investors or distributors for the film are always accepted and immensely appreciated.

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Our Thanks!

We need your help to get the word out. Please forward this newsletter: your support is essential to the completion of this movie.

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